Judas Priest – Nostradamus – review

judas priest
Artist: Judas Priest
Title: Nostradamus
Label: Sony
Rating: 3/10

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Corporate line:
Long in the works, “Nostradamus” takes epic storytelling to a whole new level, as it recounts the life of this mysterious, world-known 16th Century French prophet. Some of the events that Nostradamus experts have interpreted as his predictions include the great fire of London in 1666, the rise of Adolf Hitler, and most recently, 9-11, among countless other renowned events.

“As in any concept piece, the lifeline needs to be of a solid source, taking the music over many levels of interest and perception,” points out singer Rob Halford. “Nostradamus’ contains new frontiers explored and defined. The sense of adventure and the journey we undertook bringing the man’s life alive with metal was a real labour of love.”

As with all new Priest releases, the group – singer Rob Halford, guitarists Glenn Tipton and K.K. Downing, bassist Ian Hill, and drummer Scott Travis – will embark on a mammoth worldwide tour in support of “Nostradamus.” Priest will be performing at the 2008 Download Festival – on a bill also featuring Kiss – which will serve as a ‘homecoming’ of sorts for the group, as they performed at the first-ever ‘Monsters of Rock Festival’ at Donington Park in 1980.

Most bands of this high stature would be happy to play it safe. But not Judas Priest, who continue to take chances and break new ground. No other rock band could have pulled off such a grand statement, and Judas Priest have raised the bar once more with “Nostradamus.”

As to why they chose to make a concept album about Nostradamus, Tipton explains: “We didn’t – he chose us. We feel it was meant to be!”

The hits:
Nothing. Zip.

The rest:
“Nostradamus” – There are a few interesting moments during the verses but then the chorus comes in straight out of Spinal Tap.
“Prophecy” – “I am Nostradamus/ and I conceive.” Good grief. The lyrics are piss poor.
“Awakening” – The verses are mind-numbing. This can’t be serious, right?
“The Four Horsemen” – Judas Priest brings in an orchestra to help prop up disaster and that doesn’t work no matter who or what is playing when the verses and chorus are shit.

Is the world ready for a metal comeback? Lets just say Judas Priest won’t be the ones who inspire it. “Nostradamus” is a mess. Judas Priest wanted a concept album instead they got an album fit for Spinal Tap. Judas Priest taking on a concept album sounds like a first grader trying to take on calculus. The only good thing you can say is that it sounds like Rob Halford can still sing and the band can still play, but they aren’t writing great songs.

Interview with Rob Halford:





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  1. Toy Gunn Avatar

    About the Spinal Tap remarks, Spinal Tap was loosely based on Judas Priest, especially the cliches’. Point being, of course there will be Spinal Tap, the “cliches’ used in the movie were based on them. This is not a viable criticism and the “cliches’” are part of Judas Priest’s appeal.

    The Album is a musical masterpiece. 20 years from now it will be right up there with The Wall.

    Nothing personal, I’m sure you are dead on with artists and music you “get” but in this circumstance you are way off. You just don’t “get” it regarding Nostradamus.

    This guy here “gets” it. It isn’t a 10/10 glowing review but a real fair and dead on analysis/review.


  2. Daniel Avatar

    It is a ‘love it’ or ‘hate it’ album. I love it, other people may not really get it.

  3. Thorgrim Avatar

    I totally agree with the review. This album goes directly to the back row of the worst Judas Priest albums with “Point of Entry”, “Jugulator” and “Demolition” (even the first two are better than “Nostradamus”). I have no problem “getting” in the album, my problem with it is that “Nostradamus” has no really good songs! When I firstly heard the previews of “Nostradamus” and “Visions” I thought that they were quite mediocre, but now I consider them the best in the album, and that’s nothing good. I have no problem with concept albums (I love “Crimson Idol”, “Seventh Son of a Seventh Son”, King Diamond’s full career…), what I don’t like is to see Judas Priest becoming Symphonic Metal! They’re supposed to be a Heavy Metal band! (Check my review on http://www.metal-archives.com)

  4. iron priest Avatar
    iron priest

    You have to take it for what it is. If your looking for breaking the law or you’ve got another thing comin then this isn’t for you. The writing is rather good compared to some of the last efforts. Once again if your looking for headbanging music you won’t find it here. Because it’s priest you expect Screaming for vengeance or British Steel. That doesn’t make this album inferior. Put it this way if a brand new band assembled and put this album out, they would be called prodigal. 8 out of 10 for me.

  5. Stam Avatar

    First of all I believe that “Jugulator” was a very good album. Taking this as a starting point leads me to the conclusion that like all pieces of work “Nostradamus” will satisfy some funs and disappoint some others. The question is what makes some of us to love it and some others to hate it? Truly a breakthrough for a band that always surprises the music scene. Nothing in this album reminds me of the priest of “Painkiller Era” apart from the always inspirational vocals of Rob and the guitar solos of Glen and K.K. So WHAT? It is still a masterpiece “if you take it for what it is” and not criticise it for what it is not. The “metal” and “hell” cliché are totally absent for the first time since the “Turbo” album. However the band is 22 years more experienced thus the “experiment” is much more successful. If any of you that critically evaluate this album listen again the song “blood red skies” from Rum it down” album will realise that this album is as Judas Priest as it gets. It is just not the Judas Priest that you prefer. The metal monsters are back but this time they are coming to travel us to a world that hell riders and night crawlers are sleeping. Should we criticise them for this?

  6. Timothy Avatar

    Found this (lame) site…..”hiponline”?…wow…and “the hits”-part of the review?…gimmee a break…hits?, what is this shit-hop of top-40?…not to mention, the reviewers comment of “Is the world ready for a metal comeback?”—uhhh “comeback”, where’d it go?IT NEVER LEFT, and in fact, metal MAY BE as huge as ever right now (Rocklahoma proves this fact).
    Anyway, i’m bored. This is a daring, challenging release, by, maybe the most underrated “rock & roll” band in history.

  7. Pixelbow Avatar

    Obviously your review is biased towards the success of an album being a chest of hit singles…. WRONG!

    I like the album because it is a far cry from the crappy single cookie cutter type metal crap that’s been pumped out for years…

    I admire the courage in producing something they want to make. I can hear many musical styles hinted at in this album….. Metal, Neo Classical, folk, ballad, Speed metal, Sound Scape / Movie Sound Track, Shall I continue…. Symphonic in nature… I masterpiece if you appreciate MUSIC in general….

    GET IT …. Put it in and sit back for a ride….. don’t flip from track to track trying to find the HOOK!…. The whole thing is the ride….

  8. Timothy Avatar


    Well spoken.

  9. Kudlaty Avatar

    Lame Site, lame review, I would give for this album 9 of 10.

  10. Terry Avatar

    I just listened to a few of these and I agree with the review. I think the people commenting are part of the groups friends or publicists or actually members of the band. Because what I listened to was total shit. These guys had two good albums ever. Just because they tried to make a concept album means we should give them props? What if Britney Spears tried her hand at a concept album? Should we give her props too.. JP sucks and this album is weak as hell.

  11. al Avatar

    You guys really have no idea. No, this album is NOT the old Priest we are used to… but thats the whole point! The music has developed and matured and as far as I’m concerned, is much better for it. Their old songs were good (I’m a huge Priest fan), but the lyrics and themes were complete ratshit. Nostradamus is deep and moving – listen to the lyrics and the story they tell; it’s really moving. This album ISN’T heavy metal. I believe its much more symphonic and even has some ‘power metal’ elements. Personally I am very impressed with the effort. I love history, philosophy and am a stickler for deep and moving lyrics – concept albums rule! And this is one of the best. 8/10 from me. Go JP!

  12. al Avatar

    Oh and also this is an album you listen to IN ITS ENTIRETY and IN ORDER. I completely agree with pixel. This album is not for you run-of-the-mill metal heads looking for a loud, noisy, speedy thrill. It’s for the more intellectual among us who can appreciate the concept and literature that the music is based upon. This album is amazing.

  13. A. Locke Avatar
    A. Locke

    I’m sure the guy that wrote this didn’t even listen to the entire album, as it’s quite challenging to absorb, in one sitting. It is such a diverse work of music (and really something in it for EVERYONE regardless of if you like metal), that something SHOULD appeal to an impartial ear, as the stylings are all over the map. It has some of Rob Halford’s finest vocal work ever (and that says a lot, he’s one of the greats). He shines. The production is flawless. The story is riveting, has excellent lyrics, the artwork is classic…

    But the fact that he could not find “anything” in such an IMMENSE and DIVERSE work really tells the World that he should stick to Xbox\Playstation reviews, and leave the more difficult stuff to someone that’s open minded and IMPARTIAL.

    I really hope for his sake he not hoping to be a “reviewer” as a career choice. If so he has no future. Seriously, did I just read “the chorus is shit” in a review?? Another guy on the internet, from his bedroom at his Mom’s house, spanking his monkey, driveling his opinions… somehow empowered by the internet. How sad it all is.

  14. Lenwoodbluz Avatar

    This is great. I love reading the mixed reviews on this album. Personally, I was expecting everything that this album delivered.

    I knew that it was going to have an epic, drawn-out, ballad filled feel to it.
    I also knew that I would be less than impressed with the album the first time I listened to it. Don’t get me wrong…I’m not being negative here. Just being realistic. I would’ve loved to have played the album and had it kick me in the balls song after song like Painkiller…but this was going to be something different. This was a vision. This was a story. This was going to be a musical “experience”.

    I bought this album and didn’t open it until I was in my boat with a couple of fellow Priest fans and we listened to it in the middle of a lake while we were fishing. It was a perfect day.

    And like I expected…I enjoyed it but it didn’t blow me away. I found that there was a lot of “down-time”. There wasn’t enough mind blowing Metal.

    Then I took it home and put my headphones on and started ACTUALLY listening to it.

    This album is unreal. The musical knowhow and talent that went into this is unbelievable.
    The beginning scores huge points in the “Goosebump” factor. When Dawn of Creation kicks into Prophecy I almost lost my mind the first time I listened to it with the headphones.

    The song “Alone” builds from a slow paced acoustic ballad into a powerful anthem that features strong metal chords and classic “Halford Screams”. Then the tempo and feel of the song drops back down with an acoustic bridge and then Kicks back into a Metal Chest pounder. So fucking well written. In the spirit of “Realms”.

    We’ve all had a few extra weeks of listening to the Title track and it has grown on me to the point of becoming one of my favourite Priest tunes ever. Driving double base, squealing “Painkiller-esque” background guitar filler that only Rob, Glen and KK would even think to add to already smokin’ tune. I’m not even going to address the insaneness of the solo in this song.

    The recurrent themes that appear as either a main riff or a background symphonic melody throughout the album remind me of a well written opera.

    A “Metal Opera” is what we have here. This was a totally original idea and Priest pulled it off with flying and mind blowing colours.

    I can’t even imagine how the live production is going to be. I am assuming it will almost be like an act of God. I have seen Priest 3 times and each concert was better than the last.
    I feel that the live “Theatrical Production” of this album will bring everything together and turn this album into an experience that will haunt your memory for the rest of your life.

    I am unable to get to this concert (because I SUCK!!!) but I will be picking up the DVD when it comes out and I expect it to be amazing.

    This album can’t be judged lightly or easily. If you are looking for a simple “This album Sucks” or “This is Priest’s best album” rating…You are in need of a set of headphones and a few hours to sit and make your own decision.

    Will this album upset many fans…unfortunately….Yes.

    The true Priest fan will be able to accept and embrace the idea that the members of Judas Priest have always been and always will be Pioneers in the world of metal. This is simply another chapter in the book of Priest.

    This album will not leave my stereo for a long time.

    Congratulations to The Metal Gods and Thank you for this album.

  15. mkarau Avatar

    I have to agree wholeheartedly with Lenwood. The first time I listened to the album it didn’t do much for me. It had its moments but it didn’t blow me away. Then I went back for a second listen, with headphones, and really began to see what the band was doing and the album is really growing on me. There is a tremendous amount of depth here. Priest has deviated from their traditional formula and have gone in a more Iron Maiden direction and it actually works quite well. There are a few tracks that I can do without out but overall the album is quite good. I too would give it an 8/8.5 of 10. Operation Mindcrime remains the greatest metal concept album ever but this a worthy effort.

  16. Timothy Avatar

    Good call from Linwood here, well said.
    One thought i’ve had of late. From my count there are 8 (maybe 9) good-to-great tracks on here. I would say, for ANY band, THIS many solid tracks would be VERY welcome. So what if that’s spread out over 2 cd’s, it’s STILL a SINGLE Priest release. I’m going to the show in August, my bet is they will do 2-3 of the new ones (‘visions’, title track, and then, hmmmm…we’ll see!_

  17. TonyNZ Avatar

    Is it just me or do a certain percentage of people out there feel that if something isnt to their own personal taste then it must be fundimentally bad?

    It seems to me that priest has always strived to challenge expectations, and we’ve all known from day one day that Nostradamus was going to be something different. They set out to do something much more theatrical and narrative than they’ve ever done before. When you listen (with an open mind) to what they wanted to do, its hard to imagine that writing “hits” was ever on their agenda. Infact this whole album seems to be in the spirit of rejecting the music-industry cliches and, in stark contrast, letting artistic integrety have a say. Thats an easy direction for home-musicians and under-the-radar bands to experiment with, but for a big high-profile band like priest to take on such a project knowing that hundreds of thousands of die-hard fans want to be rocked like the good old days is a brave career move and their success proves that they are not the blundering idiots that some would have us believe they are.

    Its clear from browsing the net that a great many priest fans LOVE the new record the band have given us, so a rating of 3/10 seems, frankly, out of touch with what it is that priest fans like about priest’s music.

    As for the mythical metal comeback, umm. well, did nostradamus predict a grunge or rap come-back any time soon? No? Todays trivia: how many whole genres rose and flopped during the 80’s and 90’s while priest and other top metal bands rocked on? I dont know, but I do know that the preists and maidens and megadeths and ozzys are still rocking away to packed venues and selling shit-loads of CDs even in the far-flung corners of the globe. So yeah, what indeed do they need a comeback from?!

    Oh, and I personally like Nostradamus, so doesn’t this therefore make it a fundimentally awesome album?!

  18. James Vincent Mendola Avatar
    James Vincent Mendola

    I am a longtime Priest fan and Metalhead and I have been waiting anxiously for Nostradamus ever since I first about about it. Judas Priest making a concept album? Sure, why the hell not. I love Pink Floyd & Rush & Deep Purple & Queensryche & Dream Theater & Fate Warning & Savatage, so why shouldn’t I love a Judas Priest double disc concept album about an old french dude who had visions of the future. I don’t like this as much as I thought I would. I listened to it twice in my headphones and I was bored after a while. The album is too long and dull in many ways. Anyone remember “Music From The Elder” by KISS?…. oh my God! what a piece of …well you know if you ever heard it.. Well, Nostradamus ain’t as bad as “The Elder”, but it’s not as great as it could be or probably should be. I feel in a way like I felt when I picked up Snakes & Arrows by RUSH. I kept hearing how it was the greatest album by RUSH since Moving Pictures and all kinds of great reviews about it. Then I take it home and listen to it. What a dull and tedious and boring album. I can’t really rock out to it or get into it very much. It’s got a few cool parts here & there, but overall I was very disapointed. But I thought the previous RUSH album, Vapor Trails was incredible. I think ANGEL OF RETRIBUTION was an amazing new Priest album but Nostrdamus is a disapointment. Also how Perfect Strangers by Deep Purple was so great and such a thrilling album , but the follow-up, House of the Blue Light was a waste of time. So, I don’t know if this review is gonna help anyone , but it’s my opinions and how I feel . Thanks for reading. Rock Free & Ride Hard!

  19. Matt Avatar

    I’ve got to agree with Tony. You missed the point. Honestly, my expectation was a Spinal Tap sequel, but the fact is, they pulled it off brilliantly! Halford is dead on, I think his best performance.

  20. SolarAngels Avatar

    Okay, I know I am only 24, but Priest is my dads favorite band and mine as well. I’ve grown up with them. I have every U.S. release. I love Nostradamus. For those of you who think it isn’t metal enough, have you ever heard rocka rolla? It’s a great album, but not that hard hitting late 70’s early 80’s style and not much is as crushing as painkiller in the priest album line up. A lot of people love sad wings of destiny. the song epitaph on that album is mainly rob halfod and a piano so this is nothing all that new for Priest. As far as the screaming vocal go, do you all realize Rob is nearly 60 years old? He still sounds amazing, lost love makes me melt and rob sining in italian in pestalence and plague is awesome. I hate to tell you all but it isn’t the 70’s 80’s or even the 90’s anymore. They have progressed with nearly every album and have tried new sounds many times in the past. I remeber that my dad was quite dissapointed when turbo came out, but has since grown to love it. I think that it is amazing the way that the music conveys such emotion and the sounds of the orchistra and choir help to draw out something diffent in the music. Give it a few listens. Real Priest fans will see it for what it is a masterfull piece of art and metal.

  21. CBM Avatar

    It is the first time I have ever listened to a CD (double CD no less) in it’s entirety- twice, back to back. It is in short a masterpiece. I am a long time Priest fan (from the late seventies) and I must say that while I was very satisfied with Angel of Retribution, Nostradamus is a soaring epic. The metal opera has arrived. For those who aren’t sure, listen again but listen to it in one sitting (or as few sittings as possible) as the continuity of the album is the key. Rob Halford is still amazing as he goes from soothing melody in Lost Love to all out wail in the title track. Still the metal god, he hits ALL the right notes and quite possibly gives his best performance ever. Of course not to forget KK and Glen and their amazing guitar work, Ian Hill on the bass and Scott Travis who does some phenomenal work of his own on the drums. The orchestral arrangements are nothing short of perfect.

  22. Mike Draper Avatar
    Mike Draper

    This IS a masterpiece. This WILL be compared in greatness to The Wall. This WILL be hated by those fans who have no creativity, lack artistic ability, and who are chronically rigid and terminally conservative. HEY! I have a great idea for you guys. Maybe JP can record a CD of old Priest covers. Then you could stay happy and safe in your “I’m 16 yrs old”: bubble.

  23. francis Avatar

    all I have to say about this reviewer is listen to the track “alone”. that’s how priest feels about this kind of review. JP has had there highs and lows, but this album is not only a master piece; it’s the most un-souled out album I’ve ever listened to. This album alone is a genre itself. And, like everyone who appreciates this album says, you have to listen to it at least twice before you can start get into.

  24. francis Avatar

    *un-sold out not un-souled out lol

  25. Nanette Avatar

    I agree with the point if you are looking for the “Metal Gods” head-banging sound & feel, this is not for you. I love Judas Priest, I love heavy metal, and I love their classic metal songs. But on a whole different level, I think Nostradamus is a brilliant piece of work.

    No one ever likes concept albums when first released. But if you have any idea about music and history, this is a CREATIVE MASTERPIECE! 20 years from now, it will be the benchmark for all concept albums. Some of the lyrics are written in the same style of using quatrains that Nostradamus used. The lyrics are powerful and follow the history of Nostradamus, and the art work in the book ties everything together with the music. There are some heavy metal sounding tunes in the mix, but it is more the style of Judas Priest as Metal Minstrels.

    I say cheers to Judas Priest for daring to try something new and growing creatively!

  26. Lumdingo Avatar

    I’m really glad that Rob introduced this as an “Opera”, because that really puts it in context. I absolutely LOVE this album. It’s cheesy and over dramatic and just a whole lot of fun, which is everything an opera should be. It’s over the top and melodramatic and really reminds me of Priest’s biggest influence Queen, an influence that was plain as day on their first album (no complaints here). I love this fact that you can still hear their influences 34 years later. This album is wonderful in the truest sense of the word. Put your cynicism away and just enjoy it. You can really hear how much fun these amazing musicians have had making this album. And man oh man have they ever got it going on. The chops on this album are killer and the dynamics are throughly satisfying. I agree with many of the posters that this is going to be considered a masterpiece in time. There are some weak lyrics and some truly cheesy moments like “New Beginnings” where I’m waiting for someone to use it in a parody video. “Living the dream of my life.” with the over dramatic guitar solo. But there’s this wicked sub sonic ebb behind it all that keeps the edge and tension. Great stuff. And keep in mind it’s a story, so everything’s in order as far as Notradamus’ life story is concerned..

    Also it’s important to remember that very very few people in this world possess any talent, let alone talent the caliber of Judas Priest. I can’t ever say with good conscience ANYTHING bad about any successful musicians work. But to criticize musicians of this caliber is just ridiculous. These guys are killers and I am tickled pink that they are still making music for us to enjoy. It’s not like they’re doing it for the money. These guys are artists who LOVE their craft. Well done Priest!!! and thanks for making great music.

  27. halord Avatar

    This is a MASTERPIECE!
    I love it all. It’s brilliant, inventive and pure Priest!

  28. James V.M. Avatar
    James V.M.

    I listened to this album 4 times now from start to finish. I think it is not as great as many people are saying it is. It sounds completely over the top and extremely cheesy in my opinion. I hope the next album they make sounds more like Defenders Of The Faith. This band should probably just leave all the keyboard playing to bands like Deep Purple. Judas Priest just don’t sound right with keyboards and synthesizers. Also, Iron Maiden already did this concept perfectly on thier album 7th Son Of A 7th Son…So Nostradamus isn’t all that original of an idea anyway. I still like Judas Priest but I think Nostradamus is a disapointment and I am sorry I spent so much money on it.

  29. OpusK Avatar

    Idiotic review from a complete idiot. I am stunned by the sheer incompetence and a complete lack of understanding about what Judas Priest has done and actually always attempted to do. I would normally not even bother to respond but this review is so worthless that I had to say something.
    Review – 0/10
    Album – 8/10

  30. Tor Avatar

    A late remark from Sweden;
    The same day in June when Nostradamus were released one guy wrote in his blogg that he predicted most of the (so called serious) critics were warming up their chainsaws. It does’nt matter how the record sounds, it must be bad. But he believed 8 out of 10 Priest/normal-listeners would love it.
    Later he linked to all major swedish newspapers reviews and of course most of them thought the album sucked.
    But we all know that critics are in a club of mutual admiration and just have to write what they are expected to write, not what they really should/want to write. So who cares what they “think”.

    As said before; To grasp this album you have to listen to it then listen to it again etc. etc. and don’t let anyone disturb you. This is not a hit-single album, this is a concept album. It have som + and some -, but it is the general impression that counts and that is a big, big, big +.

  31. Moonfrost Avatar

    Amazingly lame and shitty website, incredibly shitty review coming from a mainstream shit head who’s looking for “hits” and “hooks” (do you even listen to real metal? or do you listen to what’s “on”?) Also for those people saying this is the first time Priest have good lyrics, you must be the who got into priest around their most commercial albums like Point Of Entry, British Steel, Turbo and such..

    Have any of you heard Sad Wings Of Destiny? Sin After Sin perhaps? Stained Class? no? I thought so.

    And for the Spinal Tap bullshit…oh man, you people must be the people who listen to the most mainstream shit (the people who said shit like that not everybody here) and must have been on the store the day “Death Magnetic” came out, do any of you guys listen to other types of true metal?…anyway Pixelbow you made probably the best and most intelligent comment here, well done!

  32. Marilynn Avatar

    It is different for JP for sure…takes a few listens for it to grow on a person….the song “Alone” is beautiful and classic for vocals and instrumentation…..Rob Halford is still king of the vocal range…period.

  33. tudose Avatar

    sensational album.
    extremely innovative judas with pink floyd and queen influences
    especially cd2, which is more daring
    new beginning is of the scale of comfortably numb
    lyrics –> well not exactly top notch, but usually this is what happens with opera librets.

  34. Mike Avatar

    Get Stuffed raegun, your review is shite. Judas Priest RULE.

  35. Johan Avatar

    Well, personally I can do without another Brittish Steel. With Nostradamus, JP explores territory that they just touched briefly before. The way I see it, this is two hours of A touch of evil, and there is no way that such a thing can be bad.

  36. Johan Avatar

    Damn straight! Personally, I have no use for another Screaming for vengeance. I love the original enough. Nostradamus is what I have wanted them to do for the past fifteen years: explore the musical area of A touch of evil. Come to think of it, Nostradamus IS two hours of A touch of evil, and there is no way that such a thing can be bad…

  37. Gregg Orange Avatar
    Gregg Orange

    It’s completely self-indulgent junk if you ask me. Priest is at their best when they keep it simple, direct and straightforward with songs like “Hell Bent For Leather”, “Breaking The Law” and “The Ripper”. I personally don’t want to listen to long, drawn out and pretentious metal orchestra compositions, especially not from these guys. This album does remind me of Spinal Tap and I can’t believe that Rob, K.K. and the boys really expect that their fans, let alone the general record buying public is going to take this load of crap seriously. I guess it’s time for them to start touring the oldies circuit with Uriah Heep now. This album is actually unintentionally funny because it utilizes so many passe metal cliches and goes through the motions so perfectly of what aging metal groups do when they become so self-absorbed and full of shit that they become a parody of themselves. Gong!

  38. Danny Rimmer Avatar

    I’ve been a Judas diehard for more years than I care to admit to. Some of my favorite Judas Priest moments occur early on with Rocka Rolla and Sad Wings, when Rob and co sounded more psychedelic than metal. I’ve been waiting thirty years for them to slow it down and give me some more of that style. For me, a Priest fan, this album is a revelation and anyone who shot the album to number 11 on the billboard charts (USA) will love it and “get” it. Rob Halford is unquestionably one of the most talented vocalists in existence and its a shame that he will probably never get his due in the music world. The same can be said of Glenn and KK and Ian as musicians. These four men have given me more musical pleasure than can be expected of an artist. I love this album and I love the overstated drama within the music and storylines, thats what they were going for. Nostradamus is a work of art, and I hope not the last piece from these guys.

  39. ... Avatar

    I’m very glad to see that I’m not the only one who thinks this is incredible. A lot of my thoughts have already been said, which is good. A few things I’d like to point out:

    – Nobody gives Maidens 7soa7 the same lyrical complaints, and the “tongue and cheek” aspect (which fades after absorbed) is apparent in both. This proves that “modern” reviewers are simply being biased because of the age of the group. And really, since when is “hits” a criteria for an album (especially a concept album).

    I would give about 8-9 /10 at this point (about 4-5 listen throughs). This is truly fantastic.

    The one thing I halfway agree on with the naysayers is the length. I don’t agree on it being too long, but I feel this had the potential to beat even “the wall”. My reasoning is that the album is filled with really strong points throughout, even on the weaker tracks. Concentrating could’ve made it more magnifcent. But it still deserves the veryhigh rating for capturing and chanelling a whole lot of feeling. It’s really powerful. My hope is for that perfection to be achieved when they do the tour for the whole album.

    Lyrically, this is in fact also very good. Those who appreciate the music might find that Priest did not just tell series of events, but often view things in how Nostradamus would have seen them, doing so very insightfully.

    Overall, it’s something to be praised. I think that if they do the live version well enough, it could bring the album the attention it deserves. No matter what happens, it’s nice to know Judas Priest is back at it.

  40. eternal Avatar

    When has Priest in the last 20 years actually had a hit? They are an album band. I would fall down and jack off if I heard anything off of Nostradamus on the radio. I just don’t expect it anymore. Once again they are playing by their own rules. Does anyone actually believe that they got together and thought this move would put them back on radio or (god forbid) MTV? They decided that this was what they wanted to do, even after a critically lauded previous album. Instead of a similar follow-up they give us Nostradamus a long sweeping concept album about a seventeenth century prophet. And that my friends, is the beauty of Judas Priest. To thine own self be true. Carry on my metal brethren……..

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