Proof Clay is gay… maybe

clay aiken

Clay Aiken is expecting a child with music producer Jaymes Foster, the sister of David Foster, this summer. That sounds pretty damn manly right?

I know what you are thinking… that we tricked you into reading this. Well…

According to E! Online “The couple certain to be dubbed Faiken conceived via artificial insemination and their progeny is due in August. ‘She looks great, glowing and very happy. She and Clay have been good friends for a long time,’ the rep told The Insider.”

Um, artificial insemination? That definitely isn’t manly. Is there one straight guy out there that wouldn’t be working really hard on knocking up Foster old school? No where do they say that Clay or Foster had issues making babies the way God intended so we can only assume, and we aren’t going out on a really long limb, that Clay must be gay.

If you have proof to contradict us please pass it along. Otherwise agree or disagree.

More proof?

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