Usher – Here I Stand – music review

usher here i stand
Artist: Usher
Title: Here I Stand
Label: Jive
Rating: 5/10

Corporate line:“Here I Stand” is Usher’s follow-up to his history-making, nine-times platinum-selling Confessions. The album tells the story of growth: triumphant, reflective, somewhat defiant and it marks a new period in Usher’s life and creative expression. Here I Stand finds Usher working with some of the best producers and writers around including Polow Da Don, Jermaine Dupre, Dre & Vidal and Dream & Tricky Stewart. Features the first single ‘Love In The Club’. Laface.

The hits:
“Love In This Club” – This is a hit–but not because it’s great. Simply because it’ll get the crowd moving and the hook will have everyone singing along.

The rest:

“This Ain’t Sex” – A tired ballad that doesn’t even try to be cavalier.
“Trading Places” – Usher as a domestic goddess is weak as hell.
“What’s Your Name” featuring – This is a complete throwaway. A pure waste of both their talents.
“Best Thing” feature Jay-Z – Why did Jay-Z waste his time on this dud? Ditto for Beyonce on “Love In This Club Part II.”

Usher doesn’t seem to have the ability to create any innuendo anymore. Everything is shoved right down your throat. Sex this, sex that… not that sex is bad but what about the romance? What about the talent? When did Usher just stop trying? There was a time when Usher was a really hard working man but it sounds like he’s made his money, got his wife, and is content. “Here I Stand” is the worst release of Usher’s career.

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