3 Doors Down – 3 Doors Down – music review

3 doors down
Artist: 3 Doors Down
Title: 3 Doors Down
Label: Universal
Rating: 5/10

Corporate line:
3 Doors Down are putting up massive radio numbers with their first single, “Its Not My Time,” from their soon-to-be released self-titled album. Their much anticipated fourth studio album has spawned rock’s biggest radio hit of the year so far, with the debut single becoming the fastest moving song at Active Rock radio in the past five years. “The early radio success of “It’s Not My Time” is an incredible indication of more great things to come from this band and this album,” stated Monte Lipman, President & CEO of Universal Republic Records. “3 Doors Down have become a signature presence in rock through hard work and passionate songwriting that speaks directly to their audience. They have delivered a career-defining album that we cannot wait to get into the hands of fans.” The new CD has already got internet fans buzzing, with talk of other choice tracks such as the adrenalin fueled “Train,” and the rousing “It’s The Only One You’ve Got”, pointing to more milestones from the Mississippi five-some, from a new album steeped in rock anthems and power-driven radio hits. The follow-up to their #1 debut album, 2005’s Seventeen Days, lead singer Brad Arnold cites this effort as perhaps the most communal band effort. “3 Doors Down has always been about every band member giving everything we’ve got,” says the singer/songwriter. “On this album we really wanted to make every song count. We owe it to our fans who have been there to support us from day one.” The group’s followers have embraced “It’s Not My Time” in record numbers, making it one of the bigger request records of the new year. With nearly 13 million albums sold worldwide, the fiery group has rewritten the rock script on maintaining commercial success and securing rabid fan appeal without bowing to trends or compromising their grassroots approach. Braced by front-man Brad Arnold’s enduring vocal power, 3 Doors Down has put together an amazing streak of powerful albums and chart-topping singles, including their 6 million selling 2000 breakthrough effort, The Better Life, and epic mega-hit signature songs such as the #1 “Kryptonite,” and “When I’m Gone,” from 2003’s 4 million selling epic Away From The Sun. The group also broke with convention when writing the songs for the new album, holing up in a Nashville cabin together until the songs were completed, and then hightailing it down to Orlando, FL, to record the new CD with producer Johnny K. (he also helmed Seventeen Days).

The hits:
“Train” – It’s not going to be a huge hit, yet there is a certain something that kept me coming back to hear it again wondering if it was going to be a hit or not. It didn’t take long before I was singing alone. Something has to be said about that.
“It’s The Only One You’ve Got” – A nice ballad that, unlike the other songs before it, don’t sound like a group who is trying too hard to write a good song. This sounds natural.

The rest:

“It’s Not My Time” – The chords sound like Coldplay but the song itself sounds like an average 3 Doors Down song.
“Citizen/Soldier” – Great sentiment–terrible song.
“Give It To Me” – There is a point where Brad Arnold has to rush too many words into a line of the verse and that’s never a good sign.

3 Doors Down are some of the nicest guys in rock. Period. They are the type of band that you want to cheer for and hope every album is a success. Sadly, the self-titled album is forgettable. Even after numerous listens its hard to champion the album irregardless of my affinity for the band. It sounds like the guys rely too much on their usual formula and this time around it didn’t spur any creativity.

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