Speed Racer – movie review

speed racer
Cast: Emile Hirsch
Studio: Warner Bros.
Rating: 7/10

Corporate line:
After the success of the films in the Matrix series, the Wachowski Brothers return to the director’s chair with this adaptation of the classic cartoon. Emile Hirsch (“Into The Wild”) jumps into the Mach 5 car as Speed Racer, while John Goodman and Susan Sarandon play his parents. Christina Ricci costars as Speed’s girlfriend Trixie, and Matthew Fox (“Lost”) is Racer X, his biggest competitor.

The review:
“Speed Racer” feels like anime coming to life. The Wachowski brothers have once again created a cinematic atmosphere like no other. The Wachowski’s also know how to make fun movies–even the plot is lacking and everything else seems pretty lame. “Speed Racer” is definitely fun to look at and action packed. What’s missing is a meaningful plot or any sense of meaning. “The Matrix” and “V for Vendetta” had a deeper meaning and both were very philosophical. “Speed Racer” is as philosophical as an episode of Spongebob.

“Speed Racer” is pure eye-candy. It could be Oscar worthy for visual effects but might also receive a Razzie Award for the lack of substance.

“Speed Racer” is fun without being an event. We are used to the Wachowski Brother movies being an event and this simply isn’t. We know these guys love anime and Japanese flicks–but they could have passed this up for something more intelligent and thought-provoking. Just because they can doesn’t mean they should. If the effects weren’t so unbelievable it wouldn’t be worth recommending. Let’s just hope this isn’t what we can expect from the Wachowski Brothers in the future or else they dynamic duo might be brought back to earth.

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