What Happens In Vegas – movie review

what happened in vegas
Cast: Cameron Diaz
Studio: Fox
Rating: 5/10

Corporate line:
Cameron Diaz and Ashton Kutcher star as strangers who unwittingly end up as bride and groom in this comedy. When one of them strikes it rich after playing the other person’s coin, the pair gets married. But all’s fair in love and war–and Las Vegas–as each of them tries to get the money.

The review:
If you are up for a super-sappy-silly movie then boy do we have the movie for you.

Cameron Diaz and and Ashton Kutcher are the queen and king of sappy. The fact that they are complete opposites and end up being in Vegas together isn’t too far from reality but here it’s just convenient plot point. This is just where all the ridiculous plot holes open up. They drink. They marry. They win $3 million in a slot machine.

The best part of the movie comes later as the unhappy couple try to get one another to leave the money and marriage behind. The truth is there are answers to the stupid questions but because its a movie nothing is simple. Instead, the movie takes the dumbest possible route. The movie is written with the intention of forcing laughs at the expense of reality. Of course, this is all going to end like a Disney movie where everyone is happy and sappy. What reality are the filmmakers living in?

The only smart move the filmmakers did make was hiring Rob Corddry and Lake Bell as supporting cast. They steal every scene and are always good for a laugh. Even Dennis Miller has his moments. Why the main characters couldn’t be appealing is anyone’s guess.


“What Happened In Vegas” is barely worth watching.

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  1. patrick Avatar

    most of the chick flicks i’ve seen with Ashton Kutcher have been at least halfway decent, A Lot Like Love is one example

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