Bo Bice returns to American Idol

bo bice

Bo Bice will not only be on “American Idol” on Wednesday, May 7th, but he is going to release a new album titled “See The Light.”

“I’m grateful for “The Real Thing”; that was a fun album. But that wasn’t MY album,” Bo explains. “This time it was just total freedom. We had no inhibitions about what this was going to be; we just went in and did whatever we wanted to. The freedom shines through.”

“See The Light” is a 10-song set that spans the crunchy, Southern-friend rock of “This Train,” “Got Money” and “Whiskey, Women & Time,” the funky groove of “Witness,” the swampy soul of “Take the Country Out of Me” and stark, emotional ballads such as “Only Words,” “Sinner in a Sin” and “I’m Gone.”

Bo still appreciates being part of the “Idol.” “The gain for me was phenomenal,” he says. “I got loads of exposure. People didn’t know who I was before ‘Idol.’ They do now. Without that I wouldn’t be sitting here in a pretty studio in a nice house, living a life people dream about, with fans that are just insane about my music.”

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