Edwin McCain to release album in June

edwin mccain

Singer/songwriter Edwin McCain will release an album of vintage R&B and classic southern soul songs called “Nobody’s Fault But Mine.” The album is due out June 24th on Saguaro Road Records.

“For me it was an absolute blast, completely liberating to be playing, singing and interpreting other peoples’ songs just purely for the joy of doing it,” McCain explains. “It was amazing to return to that era and mindset and to really understand the beauty and absolute brilliance of the music.”

All the songs were handpicked for the album, with McCain listening to hundreds of tracks before selecting ones that he was especially drawn to. “I wanted people to listen to this album in their car, and no matter what they’re driving, feel like they’re in a 1966 Cadillac convertible heading down a two lane road between Greenville and Augusta with the AM radio on, the top down and the wind blowing through their hair.”

“Nobody’s Fault But Mine” was recorded in the spirit of a live album, an homage to the way the songs were originally performed with little studio overdubbing, retakes and other technological patchwork. “We just kind of kept in that spirit of ‘let’s do it live,'” explains Edwin, “to make it vibrant, just like a live record, not go back and fix stuff and overthink it – it actually adds to the charm.”

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