Clay Aiken – On My Way Here – music review

clay aiken on my way here
Artist: Clay Aiken
Title: On My Way Here
Label: RCA
Rating: 5/10

Corporate line:
Since shooting to stardom on the second season of American Idol, Clay Aiken, the Raleigh, NC, native with the powerhouse voice has become a international pop phenomenon who has sold six million albums. In addition, Aiken has launched eight live tours, made the New York Times best-seller list, and won several American Music and Billboard Music Awards. In January 2008, Aiken made his Broadway debut in the Tony Award-winning musical Monty Python’s Spamalot.

When Clay began the search for songs to record for Aiken’s first album of original material since his 2003 chart-topping debut Measure of A Man, he fell in love with a song written by OneRepublic front man Ryan “Alias” Tedder called “On My Way Here.” The message of the lyrics — how the lessons we learn while growing up shape us into who we become as adults — struck such a deep chord with Aiken that it wound up inspiring the theme (and title) of his new collection.

To musically represent the album’s lyrical theme, Aiken and Foster enlisted Grammy-Award winning British songwriter and producer Kipper, who has worked with Sting, Chris Botti, and Julia Fordham.

The hits:
Absolutely nothing.

The rest:
“On My Way Here” – This sounds all too typical. It’s as if he were back on American Idol and given some sappy song in hopes of making it to the next week.
“Everything I Don’t Need” – This is a total mess. I have no idea what they were thinking.
“Where I Draw The Line” – A yawn.
“Lover All Alone” – It might make people go “awwww” but that’s about it. This is terrible.


Admittedly, I didn’t want to review this and maybe that skews my review–but this is totally unremarkable. Clay Aiken sounds like a guy who was handed a batch of song and was told to sing them. None of the songs have soul or a hook that instantly grabs you. “On My Way Here” is nothing more than Clay Aiken going through the motions.

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  1. HA! YOU DIDN’T EVEN LISTEN DID ‘YA. ashes has a hook, Falling has a definite hook. why do you bother to write a half assed review if you know you hate it before you listen to it? i mean but whatever, I think this is a very good album.

  2. Aiken knows you are too cool for his music, but you know what, I think your bias review was crap. That wasn’t even close to a music review. It was pure bullshit.

  3. Ah, finally an admission of a biased reviewer. You know what? You should never review something with a bias because your review becomes quite trite and totally meaningless. What qualifies you to be a music reviewer? You are probably as qualified as I am or maybe less since I actually enjoy a wide variety of music. This CD is layered with some very creative pop songs and produced by an exceptional musician and sung by a vocally stunning talent. That, in and of itself makes it worthy of a review by someone who actually wants to listen to it and give it a fair shake. I didn’t enjoy Aiken’s last 2 CDs but this one is the one I have waited for since American Idol.

  4. I just bought this CD and absolutely love it! Some of the songs just scream…That’s Clay Aiken? Go job Clay!

  5. all you commenters are crazy. This stuff is a mess. I just watched the video and it was horrifying. Dude can sing but the songs are horrible. the review is right. stop crying over Ms. Aiken’s crap album and buy something real.

  6. Gee John, you think your bias was showing any less than the reviewer. I mean saying “MS AIKEN” is pretty much a dead giveaway to your agenda, doncha think? Anyone who thinks there aren’t ANY songs on here that are good or even decent is just posting BS, whether a commenter or the original so-called reviewer who didn’t really review it. Funny considering Clay only wrote one song on the entire CD and the person he wrote it with is a huge multi grammy winner and has found many many talented people. Lover All Alone was written by Clay and David Foster. I seriously doubt either of you could come anywhere close to something as good. And Kipper is also a huge grammy winner. I’ll take their ideas of what is good over nobodies anyday.

  7. Okay I gotta ask, why did you review it? You obviously had a bias going in. Okay, I can buy you don’t like his style of music. That aside, the man has a beautiful voice and any song is a joy to listen to. I think there are some real jems, no not all, but when did anyone like every single song on an album? I am sorry you really didn’t keep an open mind, if you did you just might have enjoyed a few. Give the guy a break, bias simply does not belong when someone is to give a fair review. If not, why bother?

  8. I absolutely LOVE the CD. There is great variety in song styles and Clay’s voice is phenomenal. You couldn’t have been really listening to produce this lame review, or you are just totally biased against Clay.

  9. I listened and liked at least half the album. Maybe ears on the side of your head aren’t enough to actually hear. I think you ought to clean up that pile of crap you left calling it a review. It’s like asking some dumb a** to sound smart…or really is a dumb a** trying to sound smart.

  10. Your review is totally ignorant, mainly because you didn’t really listen and give it a chance. Clay Aiken is truly and artist with a golden voice and a humanitarian.

  11. Via Rae Gun: Wow, great feedback. I did admit that I went in with a skew, but I want to make myself clear–I think Clay Aiken has a great voice. I just don’t think he had a great team of song writers. There are artists that didn’t write songs but are great artists. Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin never wrote their own songs–but listen to their songs. They are classics. Clay doesn’t have a song that is a classic on this album. But, Clay has the voice to be one of the best singers in music. I just felt like it was a shame he wasn’t given classic songs to sing. Carrie Underwood is proof positive what happens when a great voice is given great songs.

    And Sharon–being a humanitarian has nothing to do with being a good or bad artist. Britney Spears has probably done volunteer work but she still sucks.

  12. The whole review is answered by your statement that you didn’t want to listen to this album. And, obviously, you didn’t.

  13. You are the first person who did not like the CD . You obviuosly is not an insightful person. The CD is inspiring, uplifting, empowering
    edgy, fun Clay’s voice is flawless. This is the best CD of the year and we need to create more music like this

    If you have nothing to say , why write when it does not create a positive effect and when it does not make a difference in the world
    You need to sit down and listen to the CD. Hopefully it will awaken your human spirit

  14. One last note–we are also opening up the site for users to write a review. Either do it here in the comments or email the address above the video. If you send us a review that is thorough we’ll post it… and it doesn’t matter if you love, like or hate it. We want your reviews!

  15. Of course, you are entitled to your opinion. Nevertheless, the majority of reviews for ON MY WAY HERE have been quite favorable. I never judge a book, movie, or an album by reading critical reviews. What I enjoy can best be determined by me.

    Your review was quite void of SOLID supporting details for your comments and really seemed aimed at inviting a battle between fans and haters. It is unfortunate that your efforts could not have been more productive even if you wished to discredit the CD.

  16. Quite honestly, after your review, if anyone takes the time to defend or deface the album, you do not deserve the hits to your site. I would just say ignore this site and the reviewer because there has been enough said either way. To further the discussion is pointless.

  17. Excuse me? Carrie Underwood? Her songs are great? Hey I like her but “great songs??” There are nothing special about them, unless you are a country music fan and that is fine. I think that kind of defines your taste in music.

    No reason to submit a review on Clay’s album to you. Your opinion is already there and nothing anyone could write would change that.
    A simple waste of time.

  18. I don’t agree that there are no hits. Everything I Don’t Need is my favorite. Don’t insult my intelligence. You mentioned Carrie Underwood. She has a multi million dollar contract, and had several songwriters writing for her. It was not cheap. That’s the luxury that you have when you win the competition. That’s what happens when you rig the competition, and the real winner doesn’t win. Clay lost to Ruben. They lost money. Carrie Underwood is with Arista. She is also a country artist…she can sing a song like “Before He Cheats”. If Clay sang a song like that you critics would laugh him silly. Look what you have done with Everything I Don’t Need. He rocks that song. Don’t you like to dance. I guess you wouldn’t like Achy Breaky Heart. It’s really trite, but it worked.

    “I have a question. When is this guy going to admit he’s gay?”

    Maybe he isn’t admitting it, because he isn’t gay. The media doesn’t publish Clay’s dates with women. They like to portray him as gay, and make up stories. I think you’d be surprised at how much he likes women…especially pretty blonds that are stacked. Do y’all go to his concerts? Well, see you miss a lot.

    Well, I really like Clay’s album, and I love my music, and great songs. But guess “No Rehab” is what flies nowadays. It’s a great message for a troubled teenager strung up on drugs.

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