Gavin DeGraw – Gavin DeGraw – music review

gavin degraw
Artist: Gavin DeGraw
Title: Gavin DeGraw
Label: RCA
Rating: 5/10

The hits:
“In Love With a Girl” – Not the greatest hit you’ll hear–but its not hard to listen and know that this could be in the Top-40. DeGraw’s voice is silky and potent.
“Young Love” – A beautiful love song that is easy to overlook.
“She Holds a Key” – This reminds me of John Mellencamp. Why–who knows. It’s a heartland style song, but with the big voice of DeGraw.

The rest:

“Next To Me” – Beautiful vocals can’t make up for a flat love song.
“Cop Stop” – This doesn’t work at all. Mostly because the lyrics are terrible: “I’m a cop/ stop/ put up your hands and surrender to me.”


Gavin DeGraw has a fantastic voice. Perhaps DeGraw should get with some great songwriters to take advantage of his amazing voice. He’s far better with the love songs than the uptempo tracks. It’s a shame to hear such a great voice without great songs.

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