Prom Night – movie review

prom night
Cast: Brittany Snow
Studio: Screen Gems
Rating: 2/10

Corporate line:
Donna’s senior prom is supposed to be the best night of her life. After surviving a horrible tragedy, she has finally moved on and is enjoying her last year of high school. Surrounded by her best friends, she should be safe from the horrors of her past. But when the night turns deadly, there is only one person who could be responsible…a man she thought was gone forever. Now, Donna and her friends must find a way to escape the sadistic rampage of an obsessed killer, and survive a night “to die for.”

The review:
There is the rare bad horror movie that somehow doesn’t toss around buckets of blood and still entertain. I figured since there was no press screening I’d drop a few bucks and see it–even though I know the mere fact that there wasn’t a press screening was a bad sign. Well this PG-13 horror flick is pretty weak all the way around. The lack of gore, plot and anything else left a lot to be desired. If I didn’t want to be entertained I would have stayed home and watched “Idol Gives Back” on Tivo.

I really wanted to like the movie, considering I haven’t seen a good horror movie in a while. The bad guy loves to kill and we are supposed to be happy just to watch. And I might have been into if there were some twists or I had to use my brain. But brains are checked at the door along with the tux. “Prom Night” is horribly bad. Although I will admit my prom might have been a lot more interesting had it gone down like this.

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