Sister Hazel To Release Live Acoustic Album In June


Here is some news on Sister Hazel:

Gainesville, Florida five-piece Sister Hazel will be releasing a live acoustic album on June 17th. Entitled “Before The Amplifiers, Live Acoustic,” the record features sixteen tracks (see full track listing below), including the band’s hits, fan favorites, and live concert staples, all in a stripped-down, acoustic format. The album was recorded on January 12th at Nickel and Dime Studios in Atlanta (other bands who have recorded there in the past include Indigo Girls, The B-52’s, Shawn Mullins) in front of 100 lucky fans who were chosen at random from over five thousand entries. Family and friends of the band were also in attendance. “Before The Amplifiers” is the perfect collection for both the hardcore band fans (a.k.a. Hazelnuts) and for listeners just discovering the band for the first time.

Says band lead singer Ken Block: “One of my favorite things about our band is that we have always appreciated breaking it down just as much as we love to crank it up. The fans have always connected with the acoustic sets and enjoy the acoustic moments at our bigger shows. They’ve been asking us to do an acoustic record for as long as we’ve been a band. We felt like we were in the perfect space to capture an acoustic evening and it turned out great. There are a lot of different sounds and several alternate arrangements that were a blast to play. Acoustic versions really get their power from musical subtleties, the lyricism and the naked harmonies. That’s where the intimacy really shines.”

Tracks on the album include:

1) Champagne High

2) Hold On

3) Shame

4) All For You

5) Your Winter

6) World Inside My Head

7) Strange Cup Of Tea

8) Mandolin Moon

9) Just Remember

10) Come Around

11) Swan Dive

12) Happy

13) This Kind Of Love

14) Starfish

15) Change Your Mind

16) Feel It

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