Adema – Unstable

Artist: Adema
Title: Unstable
Label: Arista
Rating: 4/10

One Line: Adema isn’t breaking new ground here.

The Good:
“Blame Me” – A ballad that doesn’t make you want to vomit. This one can be played more than once without making you feel dirty.
“So Fortunate” – This is the first time that we seem to get any real singing. When the group and producer heard this track why didn’t they tell singer Mark Chavez to write more tracks in the same vein. They don’t have to all be the same track, but the guy can sing and on this rare track he doesn’t sound like Korn-Limp-Bizkit and every other growling rock band – which they go right back to sounding like on the following track “Stressin’ Out”.

The Average:
“Co-Dependent” – Dependent on chanting ‘co-dependent’ to keep the song moving along. Not exactly an anthem.
“Stand Up” – For women to stand up against their loser boyfriends who do them wrong. Again they get into bombarding us with the same sort of chorus as they chant ‘stand up’. The level never reaches high enough.
“Let Go” – It sounds pretty. The lyrics sink this ship.

The Ugly:
“Needles” – Adema can’t do this growling thing anymore. If I hear it one more time I’ll vomit. The worst song of the year.
“Betray Me” – It sounds like a poem by a high school girl.
“Unstable” – Rehashed and tired. This is the kind of stuff we panned last year for sounding tired and Adema attempt to bring it back to life. It’s better off left behind.

Frankly: Adema can now admit that the pressure for a sophomore release is high. Adema failed to raise the bar on this record except for one track, “So Fortunate”. The last track “Needles” gives me no hope that they’ll ever grow up musically. Adema dropped the ball.

+ Rae Gun

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