Nada Surf – Lucky

Nada Surf
Artist: Nada Surf
Title: Lucky
Label: Barsuk
Rating: 5/10

Best cuts:
“See These Bones” – Nada Surf has never lacked the ability to write soaring rock songs and this is perhaps their best to date.
“I Like What You Say” – When they cut right to the chase and record a song about something that isn’t all the way in left field they can be quite good.

The rest:
“Whose Authority” – It shimmers and will make you tap your toes but its forgettable.
“Weightless” – This has too much Built To Spill for its own good. It’s certainly the kind of track you either love or hate.
“Ice on the Wing” – Quirky, goofy, and all that has its place. It takes a great band to pull off such nonsense. Flaming Lips comes to mind not Nada Surf.

Nada Surf is the kind of band you really want to rally around. When a song doesn’t end up being as good as it could have been or you hope it would be there is a let down. It’s just too bad Lucky is so average.

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