Wildboyz: Complete Season 3 & 4 DVD

Cast: Steve-O
Studio: MTV
Rating: 6.5/10

THE STORY: Pack your passports as MTV traverses the globe with Steve-O and Chris Pontius in the second season of MTV’s “Wildboyz.” These guys travel to exotic locales around the world as they attempt to embrace local customs, native inhabitants, and the indigenous animal species. Helped out along the way with professional naturalists and animal experts, MTV’s own national explorers will encounter everything from snakes and sharks to giraffes and bears. Just some of the locations Steve-O and Pontius will visit include the plains of Kenya and East Africa, villages in India and Indonesia, the swamps of Florida, the jungles of Brazil and Costa Rica and more.

THE REVIEW: If you ever wondered what it would be like if a couple of idiots did a reality show that deals with dangerous animals you only need to buy Wildboyz. Wildboyz is nothing more than Jackass in the jungle trying to be serious while not being serious. As retarded as Steve-O and Chris Pontius appear to be—they are definitely smarter than their tiger thong proves. They often seem to be really interested in the animals and the cultures they come in contact with and they do a decent job of telling the viewer about it.

These lunatics bounce around the globe from places that range from California to Russia to India to Mexico. Occasionally Johnny Knoxville and Wee Man come along and join them—with guest bits from stars like David Hasselhoff who joins them during shark escapades. The other guests like Method Man don’t do much to add to the excitement.

The third and fourth seasons seems to spend more time trying to sort out customs from the local areas as previous episodes. Wildboyz come in contact with plenty of dangerous animals like lions, sharks, and crocodiles. Most of Wildboyz is gross and completely crazy. Almost every bit finds Steve-O or Chris Pontius getting bit. The funny thing is they seem to enjoy it even when they are screaming their brains out. There is a lot of puking as well. One way or the other they seem to have to make us disgusted—and even when we are disgusted we can’t look away. The big problem starts to occur when no matter the location every episode seems exactly the same–different animal same result; Injury and vomit.

THE EXTRAS: For what the commentary lacks on information—it makes up for in laughs. Steve-O, Chris Pontius, Johnny Knoxville, Wee Man, and show creators sound like they are having a lot of fun–but then again these are guys that have been friends for a long time so its more like a couple of friends chit-chatting.

The never-before-seen bonus segment offers a lot of footage—but it’s not entirely interesting. The outtakes and bloopers, unbleeped cusswords and behind-the-scenes featurette: Wildboyz Unclothed. Finally, there is a bite list and photo gallery.

FRANKLY: Wildboyz could do without all the gay acts. They want to be funny but it doesn’t add to the laughs—it just adds to making the viewer laugh out of discomfort. Even more disturbing is how the boys always seem to resort to throwing-up for laughs. When something seems to be going bad they vomit. It’s not always funny.

+ Charlie Craine

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