Save The Last Dance 2 DVD

Save The Last Dance 2
Cast: Izabella miko
Studio: Universal
Rating: 4.5/10

THE STORY: Continuing the story of the original film, Sara (Izabella Miko) follows her dream and becomes a student at Juilliard. As she is excels and becomes a star pupil, Sara becomes torn between her love for traditional ballet and her passion for the urban street rhythms of hip-hop, complicated further by her new love, hip-hop musician Miles (Columbus Short). When pushed to make a choice, will she follow the path of the tried and true or will she take a risk and dance into uncharted territory?

THE REVIEW: All the teen movies seem to be getting more love from studios in the form of direct-to-video releases. For a while this movie seemed to be something I’ve seen before—that’s because it’s just another cutesy teen flick about love and trying to deal with love of another thing that steals the teen’s attention away. It’s centered on how the girl has to deal with the decisions of trying to be happy with her life as a dancer and with her relationship. It’s a dance around the same drain of nonsense that sucks you into an abyss of monotony.

On the plus side, Izabella Miko does a decent job of keeping the film alive when all of the characters surrounding her do their best to ruin the movie. Miko isn’t a bad dancer. Sadly, Miko can’t dance this movie into consciousness. And no matter how hard the characters try—no one would be able to keep us interested with the terrible dialogue they are given.

The featurette “On Their Toes: The Cast & Crew of Save the Last Dance 2” is mostly a waste of time as is the trailer.

FRANKLY: Don’t bother. Rent the original.

+ Charlie Craine

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