Spy Game HD-DVD

Spy Game
Cast: Robert Redford
Studio: Sony
Rating: 6/10

Spy Game is about both spying and playing games. It’s a game of distrust, trust, and more distrust. Here we find veteran CIA officer Nathan Muir, played by Robert Redford, on his way out the door and into a life of retirement, but of course it won’t be so simple. It’s now Muir’s job to get his protégé, Tom Bishop (Brad Pitt), out of a Chinese prison.

The film gets so lost in flashbacks that I was lost along with them. Hell, I was afraid that if I turned around and missed a title screen telling me where and how I got there the film would be over, so forget about bathroom breaks. Redford makes a good go, and Pitt isn’t entirely bad, but this film has some problems. The suspense is lost after you’ve seen a few commercials on it because they pretty much give all away. Worse yet, even when you finally see the ending, you don’t really care.

DVD REVIEW: Robert Redford is a classic, and even at home he looks like one. I knew he looked old when I saw this in the theatre, but the second time around on my television I cringed every time they put a close up on one of my favorite actors. Back to the dvd, there is little added here to buy this. A few deleted scenes, a few scenes that show different views on already shot scenes and some commentary that isn’t especially needed aren’t really bonuses in my book. Oh and the who thing about how to be a CIA agent? What is the deal with that? Like this movie is anywhere near reality. Or is it? They are watching us right now.

HD-DVD REVIEW: The video quality is high and compares well too many of the new HD releases—even newer movies. The colors aren’t too saturated and the blacks are solid on our Panasonic plasma. The details are surprisingly good as they pop on the screen. It’s remarkable how much detail can be brought out of an older film. There are no added features from the original DVD release.

+ Charlie Craine

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