Prince and the New Power Generation: Diamonds And Pearls DVD

Diamonds And Pearls DVD
Cast: Prince
Studio: Rhino
Rating: 6/10

The Corporate Line: For the first time on DVD, from Prince and the New Power Generation, comes the Diamonds And Pearls DVD, featuring concert footage, band interviews, and live versions of “Thunder,” “Jughead,” and “Live 4 Love,” as well as video clips of the smash singles “Gett Off,” “Cream,” “Diamonds And Pearls,” “Insatiable,” and “Money Don’t Matter 2 Night.” If you’re a Prince fan, this is a must-have DVD.

The Review: In 1991, Diamonds and Pearls was the album that gave Prince`s career a shot in the arm, stylistically and commercially. While not straying too far from the established formula, the album had a fresh, urban sound that his some of his prior pop records had lacked, and it was the perfect way to start the new decade.

In looking back on this record, it doesn’t hold up quite as well as some of his earlier breakthroughs, but it still stands far and above many of his later efforts. Featuring promo videos, live clips and interviews, this DVD contains the same content originally released on VHS back in the day. The videos still have a lavish ’80s flair and should be please fans of the period—before everything got so damn serious.

The Extras: There really aren’t any. But, there’s still a decent selection of stuff here to peruse. And the DVD quality is clear and sharp.

Frankly: For even the casual Prince fan, this is a useful document of the period that saw the inimitable artist embark upon a new era.

+Jim Kaz

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