Dennis Miller: All In DVD

Dennis Miller
Cast: Dennis Miller
Studio: HBO
Rating: 5/10

CORPORATE LINE: He’s made a career exposing artifice, excess and pretense. So what’s Dennis Miller doing cozying up with a bunch of high rollers and showgirls in Sin City? He’s headlining his all-new seventh HBO stand-up special. Live from Caesar’s palace, Miller tackles such hot topics as gay marriage, the environment, global warming, Hillary Clinton’s presidential changes in 2008, bad comb-overs and more.

THE REVIEW: Filmed in 2005, Miller is off his game. Miller is now shoehorned into the conservative right with his big language and obscure references that no one can understand or care to decipher. Miller tries too hard to please the republicans and prove how smart he is—which is funny because he might be smart but he isn’t funny.

Miller is like dry toast—he is even booed when he speaks about respecting John Kerry for his military service. Where did Miller go wrong? A comedian is supposed to say and do what he wants and get laughs as long as it’s funny. All of the sudden Miller can’t tell jokes anymore unless it’s okay with the republicans? He made his bed and now he has to sleep in it. The fact that he voted for Bush proves he’s not as smart as he pretends.

FRANKLY: The fact that Dennis Miller hitched his trailer to the republicans proves his immense language is a farce. He probably sits and looks up words in the dictionary or thesaurus so that he can sound smartly and funny during his stand-up. To listen to him talk about how great the republicans are is aggravating enough—reading this you will say “well this writer is a Democrat.” Wrong. I’m republican—but our current Bible-thumping idiots who call themselves republicans aren’t the party I joined. Miller only joined because he saw dollar signs and now he’s seeing his career fall to pieces for selling his soul.

+ Charlie Craine

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