Jeff Buckley – Mystery White Boy

Jeff Buckley
Artist: Jeff Buckley
Title: Mystery White Boy
Label: Columbia
Rating: 6/10

At thirty, Jeff Buckley disappeared into the waters of the Mississippi, leaving behind as much mystery in his life as he did in his music. All we have left to remember him by are his recordings and this newly released album of live tracks, the appropriately titled Mystery White Boy.

The album opens with the shooting rivets on “Dream Brother”, recorded in 1995 in Hamburg, Germany. “Lilac Wine” catches Buckley’s spirit as a precursor to the driving “Last Goodbye”. “Eternal Life” starts like a rocket and gives you a taste of his passion, but perhaps none as sweet as “Kanga Roo”.

Jeff Buckley’s backing group consisted of Mick Grondahl (bass), Michael Tighe (guitar), and Matt Johnson (drums).

Mystery White Boy will only serve to build the Buckley mystique. Although he had no real smash hit, Buckley still had a good underground following that will grow for years to come.

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