Sexy Beast

Sexy Beast
Cast: Ben Kingsley
Studio: Universal
Rating: 5/10

First, the boulder rolls down the hill, almost kills our main man and then the film just falls on its face from there.

It’s a thug’s life. In a gorgeous villa on a cliff in Spain lays Gary (Ray Winstone) by his pool. He talks, walks and looks the part of a two-bit hood. Well that is what he is, except he seems to have been paid much more than two bits.

Then the couple comes together for what seems a typical evening, until the call comes. And because you can only understand about one out of every tenth word you don’t quite understand why this call has rubbed everyone raw.

The call comes for Gary, supposedly retired from his thuggery, to get back into this bad way. The leader of the bad way is Don Logan (Ben Kingsley). And what makes the Don such a bad man? I have no idea. He’s pretty small, but snaps depending on which way the wind blows. Don swears more than a coffee table chat with a dozen truckers. It’s beyond profane and actually gets to a point of embarrassment. There is no drama in the onslaught of profanity. It’s just you wondering ‘is this necessary’ and ‘who the hell talks like this anyways’? I’m not a choir boy by any means and this just seemed ridiculous.

After all is said and done with about twenty minutes left in the film we get to what Sexy Beast has been leading up to; the robbery. I wonder why this didn’t come about fifty minutes earlier. It’s the only watchable part of this movie and it last not nearly long enough. How can a movie about crime have so little crime in it?

The problem with Sexy Beast is really the lack of understanding within relationships. Although there is too much talking already and less action, this film still leaves behind lots of important clues as to relationships. Then it gives us pieces of the puzzle and does so with unnerving dialogue and not action.

+ charlie craine

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