Cast: Brad Pitt
Studio: Columbia
Rating: 8/10

You may recall seeing Guy Ritchie’s name in the tabloids as the guy who married Madonna. Well, get ready to see his name again, this time attached to the edgy crime comedy, Snatch.

Snatch is everything an entertaining movie should be: smart, engrossing, and fast-paced, with likable characters and a sense of humor that’s slightly off kilter. Beginning with a diamond heist that’s transported to London, the coveted diamond changes hands more than just a few times. With a truckload of characters, each slimier than the last, Snatch provides some harsh blows and crude laughs.

From Ritchie’s Lock Stock And Two Smoking Barrels are some familiar faces in Jason Statham as Turkish [read our interview], the film’s narrator and boxing promoter, and Vinnie Jones as Bullet Tooth Tony, a legendary gangster hired to retrieve the diamond. Both actors deliver stellar performances and in their unique ways dish out the straight-man laughs. Statham is hilarious alongside his sidekick, Tommy (Stephen Graham). He has this knack for conveying just the right expression at just the right time. Vinnie Jones is also great as he delivers a speech about male genitalia that is absolutely sidesplitting. Not to be overlooked is Benecio Del Torro in a short-lived role as Frankie Four Fingers, and Brad Pitt as the mumbling Pikey, Mickey.

The most notable thing about Snatch is the Pikey dog. For fear of spoiling the laughs before they’re due, I won’t tell too much. But take note: he’s a real scene-stealer. Also incredible is the direction. Ritchie is in his element as he snaps to and fro with sharp edits and fuzzy filming. The final boxing scene combines slow motion with alternative thinking; it’s simply mind-blowing.

Snatch accomplishes everything it sets out to do. It’s downright crude and violent, but also hysterical and honest. Prepare to laugh and wince, and most of all prepare to be entertained.

+ Ashley Collins

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