Snow Dogs

Snow Dogs
Cast: Cuba Gooding JR
Studio: Disney
Rating: 3/10

Snow Dogs is a family film and its only goal is being fun for kids. However, it can be quite wishy-washy and saltine-cracker-dry. There could be worse things to complain about.

Snow Dogs is about carefree dentist Ted Brooks (Cuba Gooding Jr.) who seems to have it all. Then he finds out he is adopted and heads to Alaska to sew up his family oats. There are a lot of bizarre moments like talking dogs. Yes, I still have an imagination, but this is ridiculous. The film gets really off track from the start and never finds its way back.

I’m not sure why Gooding took this gig. Snow Dogs is sure to go away in no time, and hopefully never come back. Disney should be ashamed of themselves for turning out this mind-numbing nonsense.

+ charlie craine


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