Add N to X

add n to x

Based in London, ADD N TO (X) are Ann Shenton, Barry Smith and Steve Claydon. They take their name from a computer command that creates an unknown third electronic forces. Their wall of sound is created with the aid of two drummers and their arsenal of sonic weaponry. They are shockwave riders who worship the force that plugs them in.

ADD N TO (X) see themselves as part of a proud lineage of electronic innovation. After releasing their debut album ON THE WIRES OF OUR NERVES for Satellite Records last year, ADD N TO (X) then signed to Mute Records and released the single LITTLE BLACK ROCKS IN THE SUN. In 1998 they hit America twice, including dates with the JON SPENCER BLUES EXPLOSION, along with debut shows all over Europe.

1999 sees the release of their new album AVANT HARD, a collage of random, violent and sporadic sounds in collision with melody to collapse the boundaries of rock and roll. They will be attacking Europe, bombarding America, with a final assault on Japan from April 1999 onwards.

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