Rebel Music DVD

Rebel Music
Cast: Documentary
Studio: Palm Pictures
Rating: 8/10

Bob Marley has long been an icon. He’s someone I’ve listened to and enjoyed for a decade. For a long time I felt as if I knew the man, his music and his mission, Rebel Music proved I didn’t know him at all.

Rebel Music is a documentary that tells Bob Marley’s story through his words and music, as well as through interviews with those who knew him best, including his wife, Rita, Cindy Breakspeare and fellow reggae pioneer Lee “Scratch” Perry.

The wonderful thing about this film is it doesn’t focus narrowly on the music, or just one facet of his personality. His strengths (his music and determination), his weaknesses (especially for women), the thoughts we only felt we understood all come out through Rebel Music.

The actual truth may be marred by those who love and honor him even so there is a lot to learn. From the trouble within being both black and white, trying to live a righteous existence and his search for peace as a Rastafarian.

Bob Marley was one of a kind. He was misunderstood, and to this day he is still so. Those of us who think we know the man should take a deeper look. Rebel Music is a search well worth taking.

+ charlie craine

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