Resident Evil

Resident Evil
Cast: Milla Jovovich
Studio: Sony
Rating: 4/10

When was the last time a video game spured a hit movie? Super Mario Bros.? Hardly. Tomb Raider? Not close. Resident Evil? You are getting colder.

Resident Evil is much worse than all the other video game movies that you almost want to exclude it from an already bad genre. Resident Evil makes Tron look good.

Resident Evil is nothing more than a hi-tech version of Romero’s flesh-eating-zombie flicks. I’ve got to tell you the plot of The Night of the Living Dead surpass this modern day blunder. There are more frights in that black and white movie that Resident Evil almost feels like a comedy in comparison.

You can do all the visual effects in the world, but that doesn’t mean you are in the makings of a great film. Anyone remember Battlefield Earth? Well Resident Evil has found itself in that kind of asinine company.

+ bob mack






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