Room 6

Room 6
Cast: Mark A. Altman, John Billingsley, Marissa N. Blanchard, Shane Brolly, Ellie Cornell
Studio: Anchor Bay
Rating: 5/10

CORPORATE LINE: Christine Taylor (DODGEBALL, ZOOLANDER and THE CRAFT) stars as Amy, a young schoolteacher with a lifelong fear of hospitals. But when her boyfriend is injured in a car crash and taken to a hospital that no longer exists, Amy and a concerned stranger (Jerry O’Connell of CROSSING JORDAN and SCREAM 2) enter a nightmare where demons walk among us, hallucinations run rampant, and sultry nurses engage in lesbian blood rites. What is the shocking secret of ‘St. Rosemary’s’? Why does Amy dread these cursed halls of healing? And what final soul-ripping horror lays waiting behind the door of ROOM 6? Shane Brolley (UNDERWORLD), Chloe Moretz (THE AMITYVILLE HORROR), Ellie Cornell (HALLOWEEN 5) and Kane Hodder (JASON X) co-star in this graphic shocker from the producers of FREE ENTERPRISE, HOUSE OF THE DEAD and ALL SOUL’S DAY

THE REVIEW: Horror movies rarely ever have depth. It’s all about the blood and guts and Room 6 is no different. The actors aren’t bad—I’m still trying to figure why Jerry O’Connell decided to be in this movie. Christine Taylor is a fun horror film dame. She isn’t the usual bad actress trying to get her first gig.

Commentary by writer/director Mike Hurst and writer/producer Mark A. Altman – These guys are genuinely interesting and sound like they are having a lot of fun. Then again—if we didn’t have to review it there was no way we would have watched the entire commentary.

“Hospital From Hell” – A 40 minute making-of featurette that offers some interesting behind-the-scenes information if you are interested enough to know the who and why. Finally, there is a trailer and screenplay.

FRANKLY: Room 6 might have been a better movie with a few changes and a good director. Unfortunately Room 6 isn’t fully realized.

+ Charlie Craine

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