NYPD Blue: Season One

NYPD Blue: Season One
Cast: Dennis Franz
Studio: Fox
Rating: 8.5/10

Corporate Line: RIDE ALONG WITH THE BOYS IN BLUE. It was the groundbreaking series that broke all the rules and triggered what may be the biggest mutiny in TV history when some station affiliates across the country refused to carry the show. Some viewers also complained, but the majority loved what was being touted as TV’s first R-rated series. Now in its tenth year, NYPD Blue has garnered an amazing 86 Emmy Award nominations and 21 wins. So if you missed all the excitement back then, don’t miss it now! Take a ride back to 1993 and join the cops of the 15th Precinct for the first season of NYPD Blue.

The Good: We all know David Caruso should have never left for a failed film career, however it isn’t until you watch Season One that you realize why he shouldn’t have left. Caruso was damn good on the show. His chemistry with Dennis Franz was fstuff of legend. There is no wonder how NYPD Blue won so many Emmy Awards in its first year. This first season rivals any of those of Hill Street Blues.

The extras are the frosting on the cake. You get wonderful commentaries, featurettes, and the making of the show.

The Bad: Nothing to complain about.

The Episodes:
Disc One:
– Pilot
– 4B or not 4B
– Brown Appetit
– True Confessions
– Disc Two:

– Emission Accomplished
– Personal Foul
– NYPD Lou
– Tempest in a C-Cup

Disc Three:
– Ice Follies
– Oscar, Meyer, Wiener
– From Hare to Eternity
– Up on the Roof

– Disc Four:
– Abandando Abandoned
– Jumpin’ Jack Fleishman
– Steroid Boy
– A Sudden Fish

Disc Five:
– Black Men Can Jump
– Zeppo Marks Brothers
– Serge the Concierge
– Good Time Charlie

– Disc Six:
– Guns ‘N Rosaries
– Rockin’ Robin

Frankly: You can’t imagine how good the show is without the commercials alone, let alone home on your DVD player. Any fan, whether marginal or fanatic, should buy this.

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