Old School

Old School
Cast: Luke Wilson
Studio: Dreamworks
Rating: 5/10

The Corporate Line: This is the story of three guys in their early 30’s, Mitch (Wilson), Frank (Ferrell), and Beanie (Vaughn), who try to relive their old college glory days by moving into a large house near their old campus. They inadvertently form an “unofficial fraternity”, where students can enjoy all the riches of the partying lifestyle without the commitment that comes with having to abide by the university’s fraternity rules. Soon, however, the realities of their past lives catches up with their wild college lifestyles.

The Good: I laughed out loud a few times. That was only when Will Ferrell was onscreen. Aside from that there isn’t another reason to laugh. Ferrell proves he could easily join Jim Carrey in Dumb & Dumber 2. Ferrell makes looking stupid easy.

The Bad: The film couldn’t be any more color by numbers. You see what’s coming long before it comes. You’d think it didn’t matter in a silly comedy but it does when the comedy isn’t really that funny. Vince Vaughn is not funny. Nothing about him is funny and he can’t even act like he’s funny. Same thing goes for Luke Wilson. Luke makes his brother Owen look like Chris Rock. These two are as exciting as white bread.

Frankly: If you need something to watch this Friday then watch America’s Funniest Home videos where the people aren’t playing stupid.

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