The Warriors: The Ultimate Director’s Cut

The Warriors
Cast: Michael Beck, James Remar, Deborah Van Valkenburgh
Studio: Paramount
Rating: 7/10

CORPORATE LINE: Urban lawlessness of New York City street gangs is the theme of Walter Hill’s violent and influential drama. When a powerful gang leader is shot during a meeting between all of the city’s gangs, the blame is pinned on a Brooklyn clan known as the Warriors. Now members of this small bunch face a night of terror, as they try to return to Coney Island with an army of thugs hot on their trail. It’s a long subway ride from the Bronx to Brooklyn, and anything can happen!

THE MOVIE: The Warriors is a cult classic that I saw for the first time at the age of twelve. I remember getting it on VHS and watching it with a few friends. That was our first look at the gangs of New York. Its funny to look back now how out of touch we were as kids. We believed that The Warriors was real. That’s like believing the gang members in Michael Jackson’s “Beat It” were like the thugs in the city.

The Warriors is way over the top and truly a good fit for Broadway. Watching it today it seems goofier than bad ass. And that is why we love it. Think about corny movies like Friday the 13th. How ridiculous is that film? And yet we watch it religiously every year to get into the Halloween spirit.

The only thing that keeps us walking out of the room on The Warriors is the pace. The movie moves along so quickly that only now do I ponder the quality of The Warriors.

There is no commentary track. The featurettes are very short. All four combined last about an hour. It’s really a shame. “The Warriors: The Beginning” is part of the cast talking about the film. “The Warriors: Battleground” goes into the shooting at night in New York City in the seventies.

FRANKLY: The Ultimate Director’s Cut isn’t a major change from the original. If you loved The Warriors it’s easier to recommend the theatrical cut than this version. A few of the editions, such as the one with the Baseball Furies, hurts the movie. It takes away the suspense.

+ Charlie Craine

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