The Wood

The Wood
Cast: Omar Epps
Studio: Paramount
Rating: 5/10

The Wood is all about a group of three male friends and their embarrassing boyhood experiences involving women. Bringing back the old school beats, the afro picks, and the Geri Curl is Taye Diggs, Omar Epps, and Richard Jones. The movie goes back to their days of growing up in Englewood, California, which means a whole lot of foot stomping, fist pumping non-stop laughter. The crowd in the theater was going wild. This movie doesn’t have any gang banging or drug dealing. We’re getting out of the hood and into The Wood.

The movie is built around Diggs, Epps, and Jones as three kids growing up and the evolution of their male/female relationships. Narrated by Epps as Big Mike, we hear the story of what has shaped them as men and what has cemented their friendship. The movie is laid out before us based on Diggs’ upcoming marriage. The three naturally get nostalgic and reminisce about life as boys in The Wood. Growing up in The Wood is like growing up anywhere else, and life is sometimes hard, but these guys put it all into perspective. This is a comedy that everyone will enjoy.

+ jonathan lin

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