Little Nicky

Little Nicky
Cast: Adam Sandler
Studio: New Line
Rating: 5/10

Why does Adam Sandler get all this clout and huge budgets for films? Because he makes money. How? I still havent figured that one out, but after seeing Little Nicky, I cant see the Sandler train stopping any time soon, even though it should be taken off the track and put out of its misery.

Adam Sandler plays the absolutely stupid Nicky, the son of Satan (Harvey Keitel), who has two evil brothers (Tiny Lister and Rhys Ifans ) who go back to earth. Its Nickys job to bring them back before all hell breaks loose.

The one plus is Rhys Ifans (eccentric roommate in last summers Notting Hill) who plays the evil spawn of Satan, Adrian. With his wry sense of humor, Ifans is a hell of a lot funnier than Adam Sandler. Allen Covert, the guy who has the almost bald head (just watch the tv commercials), plays Nickys gay roommate. Hes cracked on like crazy, and though its childish humor, its much better than Sandlers Nicky, running around the city like a complete moron.

Being a moron has worked for Sandler in the past, but here its so annoying that I cant get over who thought this was funny when they were filming it. Or is everyone so far up Sandlers ass that they are afraid to tell him? I mean, he has practically every cast member from Saturday Night Live past in this flick. He has cameos up the wazoo, but not even all the talent thrown around can keep this film from stinking up the theater.

The ending is so bad that I just cant believe they released it the way they did. The surprise ending is a barrage of cameos and its lame, lame, did I say lame? Thank God for that bulldog, and Peter Dante who is hilarious as one of Nicky’s groupies. Give these two characters their own films and I bet you’d have more fun than Little Nicky has to offer.

+ charlie craine

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