Bryan Adams – Room Service

bryan adams
Artist: Bryan Adams
Title: Room Service
Label: Mercury
Rating: 6/10

CORPORATE LINE: Bryan Adams returns with ROOM SERVICE, his first studio album in almost 7 years. A collection of 11 new tracks, ROOM SERVICE was recorded while on the road in Europe – in hotels and backstage at concert venues. With 18 releases, over 25 years of recording and over 60 million albums sold worldwide, this new collection gives witness to Bryan’s rock loyalty and consistency. ROOM SERVICE hits the full range of tempos while touching on every nerve of emotions from love lost, love found and reluctance in love. The album also touches on life lessons, from living life to the fullest to appreciating what you have.

“This Side of Paradise” – If it doesn’t hook you the first time around it will the second.
“Not Romeo Not Juliet” – Great lyrics take this song to the level of Adams other great songs. The more you listen the more you realize how these words can relate to our past loves.
“Open Road” – Simple a good song.

“East Side Story” – Adams writes really good pop songs what is odd is how this song leans more towards a boy band song than his signature rock style.
“Flying” – Corny ballad. This song would probably work better for the Backstreet Boys than Bryan Adams.

“Room Service” – Why this was chosen as the title track is beyond me.

FRANKLY: Adams has written timeless tracks like “Summer of ’69 and “(Everything I Do) I Do It for You” yet Room Service doesn’t boast hits that are comparable. Adams fans will rejoice in his return it’s too bad he won’t be picking up new fans. Room Service could have been better. Too bad Adams couldn’t have written a few more great songs over the last 7 years.

+ Rae Gun

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