In Dreams

Cast: Annette Bening
Studio: dreamworks
Rating: 4/10

In Dreams is a nightmare. The story takes too long to develop and Robert Downey Jr.’s character doesn’t show up until the end of this drawn out production. My flat 7-Up (not a corporate plug) gave me more satisfaction than this bore.

Neil Jordan shouldn’t be blamed for the poor script. His camera style and angles are amazing at times. The scene where Annette Bening walks in front of a semi, although unbelievable, is wonderfully shot and the water scenes are splendid. The entire film’s imagery is brilliant and alive with colors. Unfortunately, ratings are based on actual content rather than imaginative directing.

The plot isn’t very strong. Annette Bening’s character is drawn into a psychotic man’s dreams. Bening engages in some terrible overacting. Her poor one-liners are reminiscent of Nightmare on Elm Street. She reinforces this in saying, “No matter what happens, don’t wake me up!” The film spends entirely too much time on the development of Annette Bening’s character, or lack thereof. There is no cohesion among the various elements in the movie. So much of the film is unbelievable that you can’t help but snicker. The restlessness of the audience at my screening was indication enough.

+ charlie craine

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