It Waits

It Waits
Cast: Cerina Vincent, Dominic Zamprogna, Greg Kean, Eric Schweig, Samaya Jardey
Studio: Anchor Bay
Rating: 4/10

CORPORATE LINE: “It Waits” is a suspenseful, horrifying tale of a Native American legend come to life. A creature trapped in the bowels of hell has been awoken and unleashed on the world. It prowls the wilderness, hunting a young, willful ranger named Danielle. Danielle is experiencing her own personal turmoil, having recently been responsible for the death of her best friend. Things go from bad to worse as Danielle realizes that she is not alone in the wilderness. There is a creature slowly stalking and hunting her. The creature claims the lives of the few people that may have been able to help Danielle, and all hope seems lost. She waits as the creature comes for here and desperately struggles for her life, but will her struggle be enough to ensure her survival?

THE REVIEW: Cerina Vincent is very sexy but that doesn’t help a bad film. There are too many ridiculous plot holes and asinine attempts at using Native Americans spirits to scare us. Any monster would be better than what is dished up in It Waits. Sure, the budget was a million—but Blair Witch Project’s budget was zilch and it kills this movie—so no excuses about budgets. The acting is awful—which actually does prove you get what you pay for.

Commentary by director Steven R. Monroe and star Cerina Vincent – Monroe is interesting while Vincent offers nearly nothing. Monroe probably brought Vincent for his own personal eye-candy.

“Blood On The Pines” – This is a making of featurette that offers very little.

FRANKLY: It Waits will have you waiting until the end for something scary to happen. Keep on waiting or go and rent Friday The 13th and start losing sleep right away.

+ Charlie Craine

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