Robert Bradley – Time To Discover

Robert Bradley
Artist: Robert Bradley
Title: Time To Discover
Label: RCA
Rating: 8/10

Coming out of the box quickly are Robert Bradley and Kid Rock, roaring and taking you “Higher”. Robert Bradley’s vocals are extremely gripping and beautiful. Just imagine Lenny Kravitz but more mature, and then add bits of both B.B. King and Ray Charles’ souls for good measure.

The one track that got me right away was “Ride”. The melody is strong and, even though it’s got that ’60’s sound, it’s timeless. “Baby” has that Lenny Kravitz “It Ain’t Over ‘Til It’s Over” feel, but the path is still Bradley’s own. The title track, “Time To Discover”, is completely refreshing and awe inspiring. Bradley will appeal to both current rock lovers as well as those who like the classics.

The husky blues/rock mix of “Ultimate Sacrifice” is chilling, the vocals inducing an incomparable effect. “Tramp” and “Uncle John” close this album out on top. There is no area that falls off on this record.

No matter how many times you listen, you can’t help but to enjoy this album more and more. Bradley’s voice is so refreshing, especially when so many artists are sounding more and more like each other. Bradley’s sound and voice are unique and the songs are strong. The Time To Discover is now.

+ rae gun

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