Cast: en Affleck, Jennifer Lopez, Justin Bartha, Al Pacino, Christopher Walken
Studio: Columbia
Rating: 2/10

Corporate Line: This character piece tells the story of Gigli (Affleck), a hit man in Los Angeles eternally looking for the big score. His latest scheme is the kidnapping of the mentally challenged brother (Bartha) of a powerful district attorney. Successfully getting the brother to his seedy apartment, Gigli teams up with a woman (Lopez) he presumes to be in the business as well… is she; and will Gigli get away with this?

The Good: Justin Bartha was good in the midst of such a wreck. He’s got talent and his career will be interesting to watch. Christopher Walkin and Al Pacino save us for the five minutes that they appear. That’s when you know an actor is brilliant.

The Bad: The last thing I wanted to do was sit and listen to Ben Affleck talk his way through a film as Vinnie Barbarino. Worse yet is listening to Jennifer Lopez getting all intellectual on my ass. There’s nothing worse than listening to those two doing dialogue throughout an entire film – except a root canal. I still go to the dentist, but I’ll never see this film again.

Frankly: All the hype in the world isn’t going to save this film.

+ Charlie Craine

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