Family Business: Season One

Family Business: Season One
Cast: Adam Glasser
Studio: Showtime
Rating: 7/10

Corporate Line: Family Business is a reality-style series about Adam Glasser and his alter-ego “Seymour Butts”, his meddling but well-meaning mom, Lila, and his cantankerous cousin Stevie, all working in, yes, the family business . . . which just happens to be adult entertainment! The series follows Adam as he faces the same problems that many people encounter – running his own company, juggling a hectic schedule, and looking for the love of his life. *Contains adult content, graphic language, nudity, and strong sexual content.

The Show: There is some funny aspects.. Adam has his son looking at girls pictures and choosing for him… and some very not-so-pretty women show up for casting calls and Adam pulls one over on one of the actors. Are we supposed to feel bad for Seymore Butts? The guy can’t find a woman? Hmmm. You’re in porn, what do you expect? I don’t quite feel too bad for him. Besides he’s not exactly a genius… Labor Day is a holiday? Hmmm.

Take Viagra? In porn? That’s a surprise, what’s funny is that Adam sticks his old uncle with taking a picture of a naked guy who comments about having to get a picture taken with a “woody.”

What’s even funnier is mom being part of the act. It is good to know that she doesn’t watch.

The Skinny: DVD Set (3 discs) – Contains all 10 Episodes (281 m) + bonus footage

Episodes: Episode 1 – Personal Ads
Episode 2 – Reunion
Episode 3 – Casa de Butts
Episode 4 – Sex Toys
Episode 5 – Strictly BiznASS
Episode 6 – Seymore’s Other ASSets
Episode 7 – ASSistant
Episode 8 – Las VegASS
Episode 9 – I Want To Be An Adult Film Star
Episode 10 – Roller Disco Boogie
Click here to watch clips from each episode » Special Features Include: • The Jay & Tony Show – Comedy commentary from the Producers
• Mother Knows Best – Lila speaks her mind
• Deleted Scenes
• Theme Song – “A Different Kind of Love” as performed by Wonderlick
• Butt Stevie? – Cousin Stevie’s native tongue
• Behind the Butts – A biographical Family Tree
• Season 2 Preview – Sneak peek at Season 2
• Family Interviews

Frankly: The funny thing about Family Business is that it’s not just for the porn hungry man. Everyone can get a kick out of it – well unless naked chicks and dicks embarrass you. The big knock is the cost for only ten episodes. Some might just buy a TiVo and record them for free.

+ Charlie Craine

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