Final Fantasy

Final Fantasy
Cast: James Wood
Studio: Columbia
Rating: 3/10

Like everyone else who saw this movie, I was blown away by what I was seeing. But not blown out of my seat like I expected. With the most recent film, Shrek, taking the world by storm and others like Toy Story all doing something similar, I have to admit Final Fantasy and all its CG animation stops impressing you the longer you watch.

First off, there is nothing human about these characters. Talk about emotionless. There is no possible way to get caught up in what is an already horrible script because you never feel attached to these stone cold looking characters. The difference with Shrek is that inside you saw some soul in the characters. There was a lot of good work done here, so don’t think I wasn’t impressed by all the work it took to make this film. It looks great, but again, the lack of emotion sinks the film. We could sit here and discuss the amazing animation all day long. There are moments, even without emotion, that these characters look real. It is almost eerie. The animation gets almost a perfect ten.

A perfect ten doesn’t make up for the giant hole in this film. Final Fantasy is one of the most boring movies I’ve seen in years. In three years of the film’s production they couldn’t work out a good storyline? Maybe I’m out of the loop on what they were talking about, but at least they could have given us some background. Just see X-Men. There is no reason to put out a movie for a few gamers alone. That’s stupid. Movies are for everyone but Final Fantasy isn’t for anyone.

+ charlie craine

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