Futurama: Volume One

Futurama: Volume One
Cast: animation
Studio: Fox
Rating: 8/10

Corporate Line: Hungry aliens, delicious humans, and beer-fueled robots collide as the Emmy Award-winning animated television comedy “Futurama” makes its highly anticipated DVD debut in the Futurama Volume One DVD Collection. Matt Groening, the creator and Executive Producer of “The Simpsons,” has hatched another outrageous look at the world, this time set in New New York City in the year 3000 in a Jetsons-meets-Simpsons satire of pop culture, science-fiction, and life as we will someday know it.

The Good: Matt Groening is the genius behind The Simpsons so you expect a lot from anything he is involved in and the first season of Futurama doesn’t let down. The characters are top notch and the animation, jokes are better than anything you’ expect from a new show. Groening and team are in their prime. Not every episode is killer, but that doesn’t mean they are bad either. On the contrary, there isn’t a loser here and the ones that are great will have you in stitches.

The video itself is amazing. It looks even better on DVD than on television. The transfer has been marvelous for Futurama. The extras include good and interesting commentary; deleted scenes and a chance to look at the pilot episode.

The Bad: If you are missing a funny bone you might want to skip this set.

The Episodes:
Disc 1
Space Pilot 3000
The Series has Landed
I, Roommate
Love’s Labours Lost in Space
Disc 2
Fear of a Bot Planet
A Fishful of Dollars
My Three Suns
A Big Piece of Garbage
Hell is Other Robots
Disc 3
A Flight to Remember
Mars University
When Aliens Attack
Fry and the Slurm Factory

Frankly: Fans will absolutely love this set. I can imagine ten years from now when the show is long gone when people will clamor to get their hands on this show like they might for a full Jetson Series set. Don’t miss it!

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