Futurama: The Complete Third Season

Futurama: The Complete Third Season
Cast: Animation
Studio: Fox
Rating: 7/10

Corporate Line: Go back to the future with Bender and the Planet Express crew for a special delivery of Fox Home Entertainment’s “FUTURAMA” VOLUME THREE DVD COLLECTION. Matt Groening, the multiple-Emmy Award winning creator of “The Simpsons,” has hatched another outrageous look at the world: “Futurama.” But this isn’t small-town Springfield; this is New New York, a thousand years in the future, and it’s beyond anything Principal Skinner ever imagined. “FUTURAMA” VOLUME THREE DVD COLLECTION is a four-disc set that includes all twenty-two episodes from the third production season, plus an entire universe of exclusive bonus materials, including commentaries by Matt Groening & David X. Cohen on all episodes, deleted scenes, Easter eggs, animatics, storyboards and much more.

The Show: Futurama flies out of the box with its style that has not been duplicated. The jokes as always are hilarious and even when it’s as dirty as one can get for regular television it’s also tenderhearted and irreverent. The intelligent humor is a signature of creators Matt Groening and David Cohen.

It’s such a powerful and funny spoof that you have to wonder why it was canceled. Some of the best episodes are “A Tale of Two Santas” with a crazy robotic Santa; which apparently was never aired. The sameSame goes for “Amazon Women in the Mood. Who knew that the creators went so far?. Actually you have to wonder what the show would be like should it be aired on HBO or Showtime. Hmm. Now wouldn’t that be something? I know I’d watch.

 Commentary on all episodes
 Gallery – storyboard images for “Parasites Lost”
 Six deleted scenes
 Three Easter eggs
– David X. Cohen intro for “A Tale of Two Santas”
– Table Read for “A Tale of Two Santas”
– Alternate Show Opening quotes
 Five deleted scenes
 Still Gallery/Character Art
 Two “How To Draw Characters” Galleries (Fry and Leela)
 Animatic for “Anthology of Interest II”
 Alternate Animation Commentary for “Roswell That Ends Well”
 International clip
 Nine 3D models from rough draft sequences
 Three deleted scenes

Frankly: When Futurama is on fire there is hardly a show out there that can match it. The only issue with the third season is are the misfires. Either way you have to respect the length that the shows writers will go to make us laugh. If you aren’t willing take chance then you are playing it safe, and playing it safe is boring. Futurama is never boring.

+ Charlie Craine

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