Entourage: The Complete First Season

Entourage: The Complete First Season
Cast: Grenier, Adrian Dillon, Kevin Connolly, Kevin Ferrara, Jerry Piven, Jeremy Mazar, Debi
Studio: HBO
Rating: 7.5/10

CORPORATE LINE: In the second season of ENTOURAGE, actor-on-the-rise Vince Chase (Adrian Grenier) once again enlists the company and support of his childhood pals from Queens, New York, to join him on his path towards stardom. More than happy to oblige, Eric (Kevin Connolly), who is now Vince`s manager; Turtle (Jerry Ferrara), who still bumbles through life in a stoned haze; and Z-list actor and brother of Vince Johnny Drama (Kevin Dillon) form Chase`s entourage. Vince`s agent, Ari (Jeremy Piven), and no-nonsense publicist, Shauna (Debi Mazar), also return. Highlights of this HBO series include Vince`s indecision over whether to star in a forthcoming James Cameron project, Drama demonstrating his cult appeal at a sci-fi convention, and a surprise appearance from Mandy Moore.

THE REVIEW: I subscribe to HBO, but honestly I spend most of my time watching Deadwood, Big Love, and the Sopranos and have ignored Entourage. The second season was truthfully my first taste of Entourage so I can’t talk about how the show evolved but I can say that watching the second season has made me a fan.

The second season hinges on Vince’s new movie release Queens Boulevard and trying to get the lead in the film Aquaman. Aquaman’s leading lady, played by Mandy Moore, becomes Vince’s new infatuation and changes the perspective of the freewheeling actor.

HBO gets one fundamental thing right with everyone of their shows—amazing casting. Entourage doesn’t disappoint. This is a great cast and every star gets a chance to expand their roles. The funny thing is—Adrian Grenier is often overshadowed by the other actors—especially Jeremy Piven.

The single featurette is “The Mark Wahlberg Sessions” which goes behind-the-scenes with cast and crew interviews conducted by Wahlberg. The featurette is actually interesting however there could have been more. How about outtakes, deleted scenes, a commentary? Something.

FRANKLY: Entourage proves with the second season that this show has a lot of legs. This is a show that could go on until season ten if the story continued to evolve through the peaks and valleys that all actors go through right into how the young man turns into a thirty-something that is no longer the cute leading man and loses his pals.

+ Charlie Craine

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