Death To Smoochy

Death To Smoochy
Cast: Robin Williams
Studio: Warner Bros.
Rating: 5.5/10

Death To Smoochy tells the comic tale of Rainbow Randolph (Robin Williams), the costumed star of a popular children’s television show who is fired over a bribery scandal and replaced by Smoochy (Edward Norton), a puffy, Barney-esque fuscia rhinoceros. When Randolph discovers Smoochy is having an affair with his ex-lover, Nora (Catherine Keener), a top programming executive at the network, he plots his revenge.

For all intents and purposes Death To Smoochy is loud and grinding. We already know Robin Williams can be very irritating, but very fun so there is give and take. Ed Norton goes a few ways but usually plays his part perfectly. The problem overall is Williams playing this role well doesn’t matter, because the role is too much, to in your face and to over the top. Williams is the right man for the wrong job.

The deepest problem with Death To Smoochy is all the unexplored darkness. The film is said to be a dark comedy, but there is a lot of dark that is danced around. Director Danny DeVito opened the door, but he was afraid to venture in.

+ charlie craine

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