Detroit Rock City

Detroit Rock City
Cast: Edward Furlong
Studio: New Line Cinema
Rating: 6.5/10

If you liked Dazed and Confused, you’ll love Detroit Rock City. I sat in a crowd full of people I thought might be a few decades older than the movie’s intended teen audience, but I quickly realized that revisiting the ’70’s is just what they were looking to do.

Detroit Rock City finds Hawk (Edward Furlong), Jam (Sam Huntington), Trip (James De Bello), and Lex (Giuseppe Andrews) on their quest for girls, good times, and a trip to see the biggest rock show in the world, KISS. Jam’s super-religious mom will stop at nothing to keep him and his friends from making it to the see KISS live, or from having any fun whatsoever. The guys’ trip from Ohio to Detroit is a coming out. Sort of. I mean, how much can a person really learn in a few hours trying to score some tickets to see KISS anyway? When all is said and done, the simple pleasures you’ll get from this movie are worth the cost of admission and that over-priced soda you had to buy. This film is as raw as you’d expect anything to be when KISS is involved. They take jabs at religion, show a little T & A; it’s quite crude. If you lack the ability to laugh at raw humor or don’t find mindlessly hilarious scenarios funny, stay home and watch Oprah.

This isn’t going to be hailed by the critics, but who in the hell cares about what we think anyway? Detroit Rock City is perfect for boys’ night out, but it is also a great date film. I laughed nonstop; it even restored some of the energy that my long workday seemed to have sucked out of me. I suggest you take ninety-five minutes off from your daily grind and laugh like you haven’t in a long time.

+ charlie craine

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