The X-Files: The Complete Seventh Season

The X-Files: The Complete Seventh Season
Cast: David Duchovny
Studio: Fox
Rating: 6/10

Corporate Line: With the original conspiracy plot arc having fallen into a muddle of loose ends, once-hungry lead actors on the verge of big-screen careers and making demands for more time off or shots at writing and directing, and the initial wish list of monsters-of-the-week long exhausted, it’s a miracle that by its seventh season The X-Files was still making its airdates, let alone managing something pretty good every other show and something outstanding at least once every four episodes. The season opens with a dreary two-parter (“Sixth Extinction” and “Amor Fati”) and winds up with the traditional incomprehensible cliffhanger (“Requiem”), but along the way includes a clutch of episodes that may not match the originality of earlier seasons but still effortlessly equal any other fantasy-horror sci-fi on television.

The Show: The show goes back to the basics as Mulder slides out of the show. Each episode leans towards monsters being the focus rather than the relationship and their lives outside of their job. The conspiracy theory has been left behind – thankfully. The episodes lean toward the first few years has made for a much more enjoyable time. “Hollywood A.D.” is a classic.

The Extras: Disc five offers ten deleted scenes per each episode – these can be fun. There are three commentary tracks with Chris Carter, Gillian Anderson and Vince Gilligan.

Disc six has the effects and the step-by-step look into the sequencing. The must see is the documentary; “The Truth About Season 7”.

Frankly: This is when the X-Files slowly begin its fall from grace.

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