Changing Lanes

Changing Lanes
Cast: Ben Affleck
Studio: Paramount
Rating: 6/10

An arrogant lawyer and a down-and-out businessman become involved in a minor traffic accident in Manhattan. As a result, the two men accidentally swap briefcases, the contents of which cause a heated battle with legal as well as financial repercussions.

It’s Ben Affleck against Samuel L. Jackson. Both actors give us the sense that they’ve been there and that is what this film needs. There is something all too real and practical while still being a film that is unpractical at times. It’s all part of the strategy, suck you in, telling us it could happen to us, even though the circumstances seem out of range.

Changing Lanes almost changes too many lanes towards the end. It does hang on however and steer its way clear of disaster. With a good, action packed pace and something we can hold onto Changing Lanes does an okay job of entertaining.

+ charlie craine

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