Cast: Jesse Bedford
Studio: Paramount
Rating: 5/10

A scientist invents a mechanism that speeds up any target that it hits to 25 times their normal speed, effectively making it seem to that person like time is standing still. The race is on to find a way to reverse the effects when his son Zak (Jesse Bradford) is zapped. Not to mention keeping the device away from the bad guys.

Clockstoppers is a kid’s movie. There are some weird dynamics between stopping time and how the bad guys can still move about. It doesn’t make much sense. Sure they clarify it with some jargon but it’s just that, jargon. Even worse is the sappy undertow between our main character Zak and his family. As soon as it starts you are sure how this soggy film is going to end. This is sci-fi right? Or is it an afternoon special?

I wanted and expected to like Clockstoppers, but they take a good plot and run it back down the flagpole. If you are going to stop time then you’re going to do more than these kids do. I was a kid once and if I had this watch I could just imagine the havoc I could have reined. Now that would have been fun to watch. This is the same reason that Hollow Man fell short.

+ charlie craine

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