The Cave

The Cave
Cast: Cole Hauser, Morris Chestnut, Eddie Cibrian
Studio: Screen Gems
Rating: 4/10

CORPORATE LINE: On a project to uncover a unique ecosystem inside a massive cave system in Romania, a team of American cave explorers descend into the mile-deep caverns. What they find is an unknown species of predator that turns their mission deadly.

THE GOOD: If you love bad B-movies you’re going to love this.

THE BAD: I think people are smart enough to realize any film with a title The Cave isn’t going to be a good movie. And without fail The Cave is a mess. I’m surprised most that this didn’t go direct to DVD.

For a horror movie it’s extremely timid. There is never a scary moment. It’s amazing that there is no build up. You never feel like sitting on the edge of your seat. The move crawls along and inches along to its final close.

The monster or what they want us to believe is a monster looks like something out of a B-movie. The monster will actually make you laugh. Even more laughable is the way the actors react to this so-called monster. The cast is full of actors/actresses who are still trying to find their way into something better than crappy movies like this. Certainly, The Cave won’t help their resume.

FRANKLY: The end of The Cave is exciting—because it seemed like this train-wreck would never end.

+ Charlie Craine

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