Battlefield Earth

Battlefield Earth
Cast: John Travolta
Studio: Warner Bros.
Rating: 4/10

When an alien race called the Psyclos turns the Earth into a mining colony, it’s up to rebel hero, Johnny Goodboy, to lead a revolt and save the planet from the giant alien species. What a simple synopsis; it’s just too bad Battlefield Earth is the same movie we’ve all seen before, only this time dressed in an ugly mask with pistol vaporizers.

Battlefield Earth has some interesting moments as the humans are cast back to their barbaric ancestors after our modern world is blown to pieces. They talk about the giant golden arches and how food magically appeared, which is interesting for a moment, but not enough to keep me from daydreaming.

I at least thought John Travolta would offer some appeal in this film, but his character was nothing to get excited about. He played the stereotypical antihero: greedy, bloodthirsty, and heartless. His character is supposed to be so smart that he’s always one step ahead of everyone, but he wasn’t smart enough to see the end of this film and decide not to get involved.

The premise is simple, and while that doesn’t usually hurt a film, this isn’t the case with Battlefield Earth. Sure, the visuals are big, even grandiose, but that doesn’t make a great film. I don’t know whether to blame the script or the direction, but I would suggest you read the book, because Battlefield Earth is an epic bore.

+ charlie craine

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