Being John Malkovich

Being John Malkovich
Cast: John Cusack
Studio: USA
Rating: 9/10

What in the hell did I just see? At first thought, Being John Malkovich seems to reflect the dreams of every one of us, and our desire to live vicariously through others. That’s my opinion; I urge you to form your own.

Although the film’s title is Being John Malkovich, he actually only plays a small role until the end. John Cusack and Cameron Diaz are the focal points in what is truly a bizarre twist after twist after twist succession. You get the picture. I knew Diaz was in the film, but it took me until the end to even figure out which character she was playing. Now that is acting. Then comes Catherine Keener. She is the curve ball of all curve balls in this distorted plot.

Spike Jonze did a masterful job directing. The first thirty to forty minutes flew by. The end trails off a bit; I probably would have given this movie a ten had I not begun daydreaming about being John Malkovich myself. This movie is a classic and shouldn’t be passed up. I don’t know how Spike Jonze knew this, but a person can never stray enough from the norm. No matter how many times you see this movie, you just have to laugh.

This film is brilliant. If you are able to let go and just enjoy it for what it is, you’ll love it. But for those of you who only wish to think with one side of your brain, I would tell you to pass this film by. Though if you are tired of seeing the same damn movies with the same predictable plots, you just have to see Being John Malkovich. You’ll laugh until your belly aches, but be prepared to leave in a bit of disarray.

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